NetherRealm delves into MK lore, creates over two hours of cinematics

PSU writes, "The Mortal Kombat franchise is better known for its copious carnage than its riveting narratives, but Chicago-based NetherRealm Studios put story in the spotlight for its upcoming Mortal Kombat reboot. ... Though the characters of Mortal Kombat I, II, and III were iconic, their backstories were limited to about a paragraph of text each. Now, this new Mortal Kombat features over two hours of cinematic content — and that doesn't even include the real-time scenes."

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Wolf8732835d ago

Nice. More cutscenes means more character interaction, thus better story.

RedDead2835d ago

Yeah i'm glad about this, one thing I wanted more though is for he characters to say more stuff at the start of a fight. In the demo they say the same things over and over...Sub zero says "this fight will be your last" etc. Naruto UNS did this good and had things said to certain characters. Like if they were brothers or student and master etc. Athough I still don't like UNS. Does anyone know if it's the same in the final game?

pipipi2834d ago

hell yes.
again take that capcom with your street fighter