The Big Debate: Should West and Zampella continue making Modern Warfare?

So messers West and Zampella are now adding the legal rights to the Modern Warfare franchise to their public dispute with former employers, Activision. What if they win? Do we really want this talented duo cranking out more Modern Warfare games? Or would it be a good thing to see the series back in safe hands? Let the arguing commence! | FPS Tribe

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BigKev452928d ago

They should make a civil war game, yeah. lol

I_find_it_funny2928d ago

they should do LEGO modern warfare

Dart892928d ago

I doubt it cuz if i remember correctly they didn't want to keep making cod games after COD 4 came out.But if they do make it and they put all the stuff that made cod4 so fun then i'm all for it but for now no buys for cod for me.

Is thier a date for the trial cuz??I remember about reading that it's gonna be in may but i can't find where i read it.

gorebago2928d ago

They're probably just being difficult and have no interest in making a new Modern Warfare.

cyclonus0072928d ago

Well they actually had no interest in making MW2..

gorebago2928d ago

That's what I remember reading and Act forcing them to keep making COD games in lieu of other titles caused them to branch out and seek other services (which caused them to get fired).

I doubt the tensions between both parties have subsided and this is another way for them to stick it to Activision.

Or they could still claim partial ownership over the title, have Activision release MW3 and collect royalties while doing nothing at all.

I don't really know.

mickross1232928d ago

I would like to see them venture into a different genre and create a fitctional universe. I wonder how the final product would turn out if they had 100% creative control..

BeastlyRig2928d ago

If they really want to get at activision then make an awsome game with FrostBite 2.0!!

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