Is this console generation already coming to an end?

The recent news of a new Nintendo system that is more powerful than the PS3 and 360 is an industry changer, but not in a good way.

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fluffydelusions2746d ago

All leaks point to a late 2012 release which is still a LONG ways off plus the leaked specs put it on par with the 360 (maybe a tad better) so I doubt MS/Sony will rush to get a new console out.

Lindsey2746d ago

I'm not so sure. The early word is that it will be more powerful than either system. The hardcore crowd isn't loyal to just 360 and PS3. If Nintendo releases a new system with better graphics and the 3rd party developer to support it, then Sony and Mircosoft will be forced to adapt or be considered inferior and when have those two company's ever been one to be technologically inferior?

tdogchristy902746d ago

Not to mention that by name alone, reguardless of tech, people will see the ps3 and 360 inferior. It may be no powerful than the 360/ps3 but because it's the "next next-gen" people will see everything else as "outdated" even though that may be incorrect. I too worry it may push ms and sony to release early, I'm enjoying my consoles and am not ready for a jump. Not to mention forcing them to jump may hurt hardware/relability.

fallingdove2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I doubt that Microsoft or Sony will be worried by a more powerful Nintendo console. With the multi-platform business model, the new Nintendo console is going to only get 360/PS3 ports. 3rd Party developers haven't liked working with Nintendo for years.

I really don't think Nintendo is going to see the success they saw with the Wii. With this new console, they are really just finally joining current the HD gen and gamers already have established friend lists and game librarys - I don't see the incentive to switch over to Nintendo for a couple years to use a poor online infrastructure, only to have to switch again when the Sony and Microsoft systems arrive.

50Terabytespersec2746d ago

NO No No new consoles yet. please!!!
Id rather have a new console in 3 years.

AND If so give Us 1 120GB SSD drive
(500MB persec ReaWrite)(prices should fall by then
1GB System RAM
HDMI 1.4 and 4k TV ready!
and 64 SPU' Cell
24X Bluray drive (100MB persec)
Sell it for 249.00
Done!!! Deal!
This is Bliss !!!!!!
Nintendo, Sega, Apple, Sony, Microsoft,
Bring it !!!

eagle212746d ago

what I can't understand is how some of you couldn't see this coming. Every 5 years Nintendo announces/brings out a new console. Sony released PS3 6 years after ps2 regardless of 10 year plan. is already the longest the've ever gone.

theonlylolking2746d ago

The 10 year plan is a plan to keep supporting the console.

Godmars2902746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Am I the only one who feels like this gen never really started? That it was nothing more then a semi-stagnant pause for what will hopefully be a more substantive console cycle. One genuinely focused on gaming, not just only online graphics and FPS.

Blackcanary2746d ago

I think ur right i don't think we have truly seen what this Gen has to offer yet.

I do want Nintendo to bring out a real next gen console but at the same time i'm not ready to have to say good bye to the PS3 and cash out on a new console that could be very expansive not yet anyway.

If it happened in 2015 i would be fine by that. But not anytime sooner imho.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2746d ago

Feels like it. With all the ps4 rumors and DICE's ramblings it's hard not to feel that the new generation would start soon. But it still feels too soon. For goodness sakes FFv13 still hasnt released and it was announced before ps3 even launched. I expect Sony MS and (especially) Nintendo might reveal something new early next year. E3 is way too soon.

stephmhishot2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

It all depends on if Nintendo can strike gold again, by introducing something new to the masses. The Wii dominated sales wise this generation because of the motion gaming aspect, if the Wii2 is just better graphics with the Wii+ controller, I don't think it will force Sony or MS to react. Nintendo's target audience now is almost strictly the casual gamer, and they already have a Wii that they can waggle with. Will better graphics really get them to buy a new system?

As for the "hardcore", many were already burnt on the Wii's paltry third party offerings and weak online play. Unless Nintendo can improve upon those two aspects, I think most gamers will be happy waiting for the next gen systems from Sony and MS.

Having better graphics right now is probably more of a curse than a blessing anyway. All you hear is developers talking about how expensive it is to make games on the PS3 and 360 and how long it takes. Do you really think they want to tackle new tech right now?

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