Wii 2's 'screen' controller: Is this what it will look like?

Show us your mock-ups, Photoshop fans..

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eagle212838d ago

All speculation but the feature that makes sense is a touchscreen. So many possibilities with that on a controller. E3 hurry up.

metsgaming2838d ago

i dont think there is going to be a screen on the controller. I think it would cost to much but nintendo does love doing wierd things so it could happen. Just think it would cost them to much and they like selling their consoles on the cheap but also making a profit.


Yup, a touchscreen add too much cost for a controller, I don't think anyone want to pay over 100 bucks for a controller. Although, with a new gen, a 10~20 bucks more for accessories and games are to be, sadly, expected, still official controllers right now cost around 60 bucks, except with motion controllers (which show a wild variation, from a cheap Wiimote + SensorBar to the costfull Kinect to the high variation of Move - depending on the set).

But one thing I could see them adding is a touchpad. A half nice touchpad is really cheap, and that's for us end costumers on a notebook repair store, imagine for a company which will buy/assemble hundreds of thousands of those components per month.

TheDivine2838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

If it did id imagine it would be the bottom half of a ds without the flip top with analog sticks of course. It is a nice gimmick to add in seing how well iphone games are doing and i think apple will do this for a console also, it will be interesting. Remember this is a rumor, people also said the wii 2 would have a led projector built in so we will see. Make it run metroid in hd and im happy. SD really killed the wii, great games like the other m, zelda, exc would have BADA** with the power of at least a 360 OMG, while still fun its hard to play on my hdtv. I have bl ops on wii (free from my bro) and it was fun but just horrible compared to 360 version. Graphics arnt everything but hd is the standard now anything less is fugly despite how great the art design is.

xAlmostPro2838d ago

Im not so sure..

for 1 it has similarities with the ngp..

Then there's the cost of creating a controller like this.. plus the fack it wouldn't be very good for games like tennis/bowling etc unless they're about to move away from motion controls..

lousboi2838d ago

I can see the touchscreen being a small_low res screen on a more advanced wiimote-like controller. I have a hard time believing that nintendo would allow game streaming unless its through the 3ds.

jay22838d ago

This controller intrests me, I think that the screen ideas different, it's not new of cause sice we've had the VMU in Dreamcast, And using it as a mobile Wii Mote sencer bar, this just might be helpful but it should be built into the wii, 6' sounds too big as well, 3.5 max is more reasonable.

telekineticmantis2838d ago

I heard Xbox 720, and PS4 would have a touchscreen, but Nintendo may have beaten them to it.

Raider692838d ago (Edited 2838d ago )

The hype is growing bigger and bigger,i wonder what Sony and M$,CEO's are thinking right now about this move from Nintendo.I guess the pressure for new hardware is going to increase on does sides especially if Nintendo gets a more powerful powerful console at a competitive price range.( Take the exemple how some people have freak out wend the images of the new BF3 were shown running on the latest PC tech).People like to eat with the eyes!

Kyur4ThePain2838d ago

If you believe that MS and Sony is only thinking about new hardware now....well.

colonel1792838d ago

MS and especially Sony don't have to rush to release another console just because Nintendo get the Wii 2 out. Sony is doing great with the PS3, and by the time the PS4 is announced/released it certainly will be a much powerful console than Wii 2

Acutally, MS is in a worse position. If Wii 2 is real and has blu-ray, MS will have the pressure to do something about that, because it would mean that games would get bigger, and multiplatform releases would be in one disc on PS3 and Wii 2 and on 2-5 on Xbox360. If you think about it, Xbox360 is the most revised console in history. (added, HDMI, Internal Hard Drive, WiFi, changed controller (dpad), changed disc format (the new one they are announcing, whatever that is)) just to get with the times.

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