Gears of War 3 beta: Three minutes of the most deliciously brutal and hilarious kills so far.

Gameplay beta Gears of War by Gamesradar..

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InTheKnow2745d ago

That last kill was EPIC! It's nice to see some good quality video to remind everyone how beautiful this game really is.

tmoss7262744d ago

Just came here to post that lol. He was like ah I'm dead LOL YOU'RE DEAD

Bigpappy2744d ago

Makes me want to cry. I have not played COD in years, not even Reach multiplayer. I will be playing this.

This game looks so friging fun. I swear, the saw on that gun is melee weapon of this generation. Those finishers are Killa!

Noami2744d ago

Imo multyplayer wise never was their strong point in anyof their games..story wise it is interesting.

QuantumWake2744d ago

That was some awesome stuff! Very very brutal and bloody deaths.

I want to see more!! >(

Therealspy032744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

after the last few years of playin gears, i'm pretty desensitized. seemed pretty run-of-the-mill gears killin to me. and i'm VERY disappointed to see that they didn't tone down the chainsaw to where it was in gears 1. Looks as OP and unbalanced as it was in gears 2. guess i'll find out for myself on the 25th.

tmoss7262744d ago

Well you know, that's why we're beta testing.

Therealspy032744d ago

LOL. if 3 years of gears of war 2 didn't change their attitude towards the OP chainsaw, i really doubt a one month beta is going to do anything.

ASSASSYN 36o2744d ago

Yet again that is why we are beta testing. Join the beta an file your complaint.

nilamo2744d ago

IMO when it comes to hilarious and WTFOMGDIDTHATHAPPEN kills, reach is the game to beat.

Therealspy032744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

no game is gonna beat that for a WHILE. so much random craziness can happen in halo.

ME19892744d ago (Edited 2744d ago )

lol, awesome. Been playing for the past 2 days.

Gears 3 fucking ROCKS. The dedicated servers aren't even up yet and everything still runs smooth as butter.

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