The Wii Is More Than Just 'A Gimmick'

Reporting on the rumored new Nintendo console which is apparently soon to be announced, a source for Game Informer described the Wii as 'a gimmick'. Nintendo's console is so much more than this.

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Menech2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I hate the word "Gimmick" anyway, Nintendo have more experience then anyone in the console business.

Sure sometimes there marketing and target audience can be questionable, But Nintendo has always been bout the games regardless of hardware.

Where else can you play the greatest series of all time, Zelda?

PS: No one be a smart ass and say the philips cdi...

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Dsnyder2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Everything in the market is a gimmick really. You need some arbitrary feature to make your idea stand out. What really makes wii a gimmick in the bad sense of the word is that it relys on motion controls and cuts back on hardware and features that make a console a console. There are certain things that I just expect a console to have. If it doesnt have a hard drive, good graphics, HD, or the ability to play video and MP3's, its not up to current generation standards. Thats just how it is in the tech world. Cell phones cant just call people anymore, they have to acess the internet and play videos and flush your toilet. Gaming consoles are no exception to the rule. Motion controls do not make a console, in fact they just hinder good games and make FPS games unplayable.

mshope102926d ago

man what a good article thats well nintendo fans don't claim wii is the best thing in the world but we know its got alot of great exclusives for core gamers and its not just a casual gimmick.but if you say that online people online start trash talking like we are trash talking 360 or ps3 when we just don't like people bad mouthing wii.that doesn't mean we don't like those systems and nintendo fans never trash talk the other systems we just defend nintendos cause thats all people do online is cry about nintendo systems and say they don't own them and hate them yet thats all they talk about it makes no sense!and all the haters will disagree even though i said nothing bad about there systems!

theaceh2925d ago

Things must have changed recently with the Nintendo crowd, because I could remember when I had my Sega Master System & Genesis, the Nintendo fans were just BRUTAL!! Trust me It was a pain to be a Sega fan back in the late 80's and early 90's.

Guess it's nintendo's turn to suffer. Karma can really bite you in the rear sometimes.

Sarcasm2925d ago

Of course the Wii isn't a gimmick, it's a cash cow.

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