OXM: Think games cost too much? Blame the retailers

OXM UK: "Is the middle class game really dead, or is it just being smothered?"

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rabidpancakeburglar2836d ago

I wouldn't say that the price of games has risen because I always think of this generations games costing £40, anything else to me is a bonus. It is rare that you get a game moving above that mark and even if it does you can just find it cheaper elsewhere

Solid_Snake-2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

[email protected] absolute rubbish. anyone who works at a game shop has seen delivery notes. delivery notes from GEM state around £33 for an EA game meaning the shops make around £7. and when games like fallout which stores paid around the £30 mark ended up been £20 on sale within 2 weeks. the shops get ripped off by the devs. and they wonder why retailers push pre-owned.....cos devs rip the retailer off. if a shop makes £300 profit a day then have to pay staff 3 full time 3 part time there making nothing and forcing to go a game from someone for a £10 and sell it for £25....its double the profit of what shysty devs are offering.

article is fail.....dont try blag people who know the score. oxm fail on this one....

CameronL992836d ago

Exactly, there is way too much blame going around especially on the retailers, which is garbage. Retailers are businesses and they can sell whatever used products they like just like every other store can sell used products, and reap 100% of the revenue from that sale. Its called capitalism. If I sell my CD collection do I then go and pay a percentage to the record labels? FUCK NO, YOU IDIOT GREEDY GAME DEVELOPERS

MaxXAttaxX2835d ago

Movies usually cost more to make than games, yet games are twice the price X(

SuperSaiyan42836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

OXM are soo utterly misinformed it is NOT the retailers who are at fault, having worked for GAME I know why the prices are high.
Firstly you have to take into account the £10 fee Microsoft charges for having the game on an xbox 360 disc thats the licensing free. The prices are set by the wholesalers.

GAME make only around £3 per game sold and make around £10 per console sold, the prices in which they buy them from wholesale is expensive.

So OXM I think you owe the retailers an apology, if you clearly don't know something how about asking eh?

CameronL992836d ago

bubbles to you, plus agree

MasterD9192836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

Thats why the pre-owned and used game market is slaughtering these guys. People dont want to drop 60 bucks for a game they may be disappointed with. We've all been there.

Are we looking at $70 games for next gen then?

e-p-ayeaH2836d ago

The more they cost the less ill buy new

coryok2836d ago

ya same here, i almost never buy any games at release anymore because more and more im getting disappointed with the games that i do buy.

unless ive played a demo and know that im going to enjoy the game for a long time i generally wait for the price to drop by about half

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