Mortal Kombat developer talks "comfortable" 3D

The PlayStation 3 version of Mortal Kombat features stereoscopic 3D support, but it's no ordinary implementation of 3D — while in 3D mode, gamers sans glasses can play comfortably, too.

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GodofwarGoty2747d ago

it looks like another great feature for Mortal Kombat on the PS3 looking foward to it

Eric29292746d ago

Glad they aren't going for a full-on retinal assault. Subtlety is good, too.

js7262746d ago

Yeah, I felt overwhelmed by the 3D when I played Motorstorm last summer. I think subtle usage like this might be the best kind of implementation.

antboltonboy2746d ago

Wish i had a 3D tv, so many great games coming out with 3d support

PS360PCROCKS2746d ago

Yeah the 3D in MK is really well done. Think old school MK with the depth of new school 3D MK from the past few years. i enjoyed it a lot and um JS726 the 3D in motorstorm is changeable, I love it cranked all the way up, but it's easily turned down. Besides the dirt flying off screen is so bad ass