Are Sony Running Out of Ideas?

TheSixthAxis tries to see what might be on the distant horizon for Sony and whether the upsurge in HD remakes might distract them from new titles.

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PimpHandHappy2746d ago

distract them from new titles? The PS3 has been all about new IP's and the back log of classics from past gens is just icing on the cake

Scyrus2746d ago

people come up with the dumbest crap to say. they see all of sonys amazing AAA exclusives and say the are out of idea's, yet they dont say this about other company's w/e lol

ksense2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Unlike Microsoft, I know for a fact Sony is not running out of exclusives!!

SeanScythe2746d ago Show
kneon2746d ago

Right, how much new stuff have Nintendo or Microsoft came out lately? Nintendo primarily rely on decades old games, rehashed for the latest hardware while Microsoft have hardly any first party studios.

strifeblade2746d ago

maybe msoft is working hard on the nexgen console, and sony allocated most of its resources on this gen to its exlusives?

same thing with the wii, not much for the wii is coming out (skyward sword), but its confirmed they are working on a new console which could explain the lack of their games in development for this year.

Sony did say they are really going to stick this gen for possible 10 years which is probably why you wont see a new announcement from sony anytime soon.

Now this is just a possibility.

JohnnyMann4202746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Oops My last post had "Bad language". Here I will post the PG Version:

I think the real issue is how the hell do you screw up sooo bad.

Are Sony Running Out of Ideas?

Is this a joke? You are so horrible at life you do not know the difference between the words "IS" and "ARE" and how to use them in a sentence?

How about this?


Grammar has never bugged me as bad as it is right now.



Posted my feelings about this awesome editing job by that horrible author over there and you know what? The Author would rather removing any post of criticism rather than fixing his own stupid spelling mistake. What a joke. This site is garbage.

Here is what the Editor Wrote to me:

"Sony" in this case is being used a collective noun, not a company name. It's used to encompass Game Designers and marketers as well as the myriad companies that are branches of Sony - SCEE, SCEA, SCEJ, etc."

So Yeah...he is masking his own grammar mistakes and screw ups trying to say that SONY is a collective noun rather than a single product name. What a CollosalDouche. Dude. You screwed up.. so Fix it.

Vherostar2746d ago

The only reason we are seeing HD remakes is the fact Sony want to re-release PS2 classics with full HD and trophy support rather than just re-release them. Its nothing to do with any ideas they may or may not have. Why is it everytime Sony does something for the benefit of the gamers xbots have to twist it into a negative?

Unknown_SNAKE2746d ago

Very True (PimpHandHappy & Scyrus)

on Title ( if Sony runs out of ideas .... then WHO THE HELL is providing ideas?????!!!)

what i like of sony always has ideas to every little bit entertainment inclouding the remastered HD Titles u talking about it was an IDEA of Sony to made u play Old Titles if u dont want it its simple dont buy others will do including me u will find a lot of Other SONY's ideas to spend your money on

one of a hell attractive Hits Article he knows this will made people mad on here .. thats why he wrote it lol :D

hay2746d ago

Well, since we're getting those remasters IN ADDITION to shitload of new, amazing exclusives I'd say someone have to be out of their minds to question it.

gaffyh2746d ago

This is such a stupid article because Sony are the only ones that don't seem to be running out of ideas. They support new and current ips constantly.

MaxXAttaxX2746d ago

And here I was expecting some shocking revelation about Sony games for some reason. But nothing.
Just a bad article.

ChineseDemocracy2746d ago


In this case, your definitely right. Using "Sony" as a collective noun, oh please. all those entities he listed off are just functions of the organization as a whole; THE organization (singular). "IS"

Cheeseandrice, it's ENG10 people.

kuroukage2746d ago

All your base ARE belong to us.

badz1492745d ago

is this 1 of those late April Fool thing?

AAACE52745d ago

You guys jumped right into defense mode without even thinking about what is being said!

Yes, Sony has the most exclusives and come out with the most new IP. But what you are ignoring is that a lot of those exclusives haven't lived up to expectations!

I loved Uncharted 2 and God of War 3! But what happened? Uncharted 2 had enough good sh*t in it to keep someone occupied for a year, but interest was lost quickly and the multiplayer never went above 15,000 players at any given time!

GoW 3 sold well, but people stopped buying it fairly quickly and the price started dropping!

Hell, even Killzone 3 and some other exclusives didn't make they impact they were expected to!

Most of the new IP is only appreciated by the diehard fans and never ends up selling to well.

MS and Nintendo tried that approach of coming with all kinds of new games, but then they had to scale back and start looking at what was selling and focus on that more! They will still come with new IP, but they will be selective about where to put their money!

Sony will have to evaluate this strategy as well to see what's worth the effort. They have already started with the layoffs they had a few weeks ago. And by next year we will hear about them either closing or releasing studios!

The global economic situation is in a bad place. This is common logic for them to do this. Please don't get confused and turn this into a fanboy thing!

pixelsword2745d ago

Okay, okay:

if Sony, who came out with New IP's every year since '06 is running out of ideas, what do you call Nintendo who hasn't had a new AAA IP since the early 00's (I'm counting Pokemon) and no new AAA IP's lined up for '11, or Microsoft who only has one AAA exclusive IP lined up for '11?

Although I'm not an avid follower of AAA titles being released for all consoles, can someone even say that the PC has an AAA exclusive lineup in '11 that is as long as Sony's?

See, when a Sony fan points things like this out, everyone calls Sony fans "the most annoying group of fanboys", but everyone ignores one factor in talking about Sony fans:

were they right?

morganfell2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I didn't know Sony was behind ALL of the HD remakes.

Wow sixthaxis, you guys sure must have some insider news.

I guess Sony is paying Ubisoft and everyone else for the remakes. It must not have crossed your narrow minds that other companies saw the financial success of the GOW HD versions and decided to join in. HBow did that lessen Sony's creativity? It didn't, it merely added to the choices of PS3 gamers. See how easy common sense works?

But you guys have your heads in the sand. Suddenly it is Sony rather than Ubisoft that has run their creativity well dry. Great reporting...idiots.

Sony more than any of the big three are pouring out new titles yet you choose to waste webspace with an ill conceived article such as this one.

SeanScythe2743d ago

Seriously did I need to put /s to show that I was joking with my comment? God thanks alot morons for removing bubbles from a joke.

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Mario182746d ago

Thesixaxis are running out of ideas

kikizoo2745d ago

confirmed, the sixaxis is a well known stealth troll against sony (with "sixaxis in the name, they think they can't be seen as biased toward sony, what a bunch of zombies)

kharma452745d ago

lolwut kikizoo, they started out a Sony-only website :|

You, along with JohnnyMann420 who's crapping himself over a bit of grammar, need to chill the hell out.

Inception2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Agreed. I don't care if it's a new ip or a sequel. What i care is Sony made a lot of high quality games and they made my wallet crying >.<

Jonah_Reese2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

"Are Sony running out of Ideas"?

Is you writers illiterate? Seriously that title was stupid, alone.

Edit: Just read it, even dumber than the title. Okay that's a bit much, it was a tad inconsistent in reasoning and to be quite honest seems like the writer was trying to downplay the end of the year line up. I guess having four (possibly more) exclusive titles to close out the year isn't good enough? Q4: Twisted Metal, Resistance 3, Uncharted 3 and The Last Guardian.

Nickster8002746d ago

ha, you sound like a lolcat. "is you writers illiterate?" No offense, i completely agree with you

roguewarrior2746d ago

No, but I'm running out of money. :)

bozebo2745d ago

sony has a lot of new exclusives this gen but tbh they are bad games compared to the last 2 gens.

AKS2745d ago

The remakes are driven by demand for them. I doubt Sony is going to cancel their more daring projects to allocate their resources for remakes. I would think remakes would be among their most simple projects in terms of resources. The game has already been completed ages ago; they're just need to update the tech and get in running smoothly on on their machine (that part could admittedly provide some challenges at times). If they go overboard with the remakes, people won't buy them and they will cut down on making them. But to be honest, the Team ICO remakes are among my most eagerly anticipated titles right now. It's a great idea in my view.

mastiffchild2745d ago

Some more equally relevant and not-at-all-dim-questions for us: Is the US moving North of Canada? Is Gabe Newell Bulimic? Can we cope with all the hardcore first party MS titles for Kinect? How CAN we choose between all the games making current use of Nintendo's Motion Plus add on? Is Sony now Korean having been bought by K J Il? Will they use THQ's Homefront as a blueprint for their future invasion of the US? And most outlandish of all-is it true that SCEE see their customers as human beings who deserve the best possible content and services before or at the same time as their US and Japanese PSN counterparts and promizse never to do a "SF"THDR" EVER again and leave us waiting six months after the rest of the world and annoying Capcom by ensuring ZERO EU sales by taking so long it arrived the very same week as SF4 did(for spurious "legal" reasons! Reasons which, somehow, didn't bother the Live version arriving on cue months and months previously in EVER damn territory. And why's our PS1 classic lne up l;ess than a quarter of Japan's?)on the sodding shops?!!?

Yeah, headline questions like this in the face of a massive onslaught of Sony clusives is the kind of poster child article for todays shitty gaming writetrs thast it needs to be ina farkin text book on just how dim these "journalists" can be. this is what happens when, instead of getting people trained in writing, publishing or reporting for media from paper to website via magazines with actual qualifications in the relevant field(who just happen to also know and love video games etc) sites grab no name blog idiots who only know how to grab hits through flamebait and controversial, no evidence headlines followed by nonsense articles a five year old wouldn't write.

Damn, far from hurting Sony all this mess does is show us all up for being tangentially involved with these idiots whatever their daft position might be. PATHETIC.

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labaronx2746d ago

every other game out this year is a sequel, hell the only original game i can think of releasing on any "platform" later this year is the last guardian, and i really dont know what category that falls under

Neckbear2746d ago

"hell the only original game i can think of releasing on any "platform" later this year is the last guardian"

Catherine. El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron. Child of Eden. L.A. Noire. Shadows of the Damned. Asura's Wrath. NeverDead.

Surely there's alot of sequels, but new IPs aren't exactly extinct.

AuToFiRE2746d ago

Bad.. grammar.. must not.. punch screen..

Relientk772746d ago

lmao that was great

love it

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