Crysis 2 - Trophies and Achievements - Why Bother?

Are you a winner or a loser for obtaining that Platinum Trophy? The Author at MeandMyPs3 debates the why's and why not's for collecting the New York Souveniers while trying to save the world!

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pneboy2746d ago

hitseekingwebsites why bother

thatboytim2746d ago

Thanks - but this is a central place for all things gaming. I write a blog and have some opinions and I would like to share them.

I have read most of your comments - all you seem to do is moan and complain.

Thanks for taking to time to complain about me! :)

pneboy2746d ago

your just mad at me because your fail blog cant get hits so you have to post it on here like

Killzone3___2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

there is a trophy says that you must play crysis 2 after 6 months XD.. good luck people ... hahahahaa

Noble Spartan2746d ago

collectables in games are worst Trophies/achievements ever. Developers please stop that crap.