One Day Xbox Arcade Sale Lists Some Powerhouses

Today and today only, the Xbox Live Arcade Marketplace has five of the most downloaded games on sale for 50% off.

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Solidus187-SCMilk2928d ago

I recommend Shadow Complex to anyone who likes side scrollers and hasnt played it yet. It is one of my favorite games this gen.

DTMBSquid2927d ago

None of these games are bad for 600... You will enjoy Castle Crashers

DTMBSquid2928d ago

Limbo is a must buy at 600 points

Aloren2927d ago

I already had Limbo, trials HD, and Shadow complex... so I'm getting Castle Crashers. Don't feel like Monday night combat is for me...

Still, at this price, these are all a steal.

MasterD9192927d ago

I agree...These prices are a hell of a deal. I just may get shadow complex.