Kalypso Media Taking a Risk With The First Templar

This game is going to be available for PC and Xbox 360 only, so that leads to the assumption that the console version will be a port from the original PC release. Not only that, but the German company Haemimont Games is leading the development of this title and this is the first Action/RPG game they've made. Those two...

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DTMBSquid2837d ago

I don't know... I sorta think this game looks pretty good. That trailer in the article seems promising.

ATiElite2836d ago (Edited 2836d ago )

1. this is a 360 game being ported to the PC. Once again another crappy console port. The 360 version looks good but on PC using PC standards....YUK!

2. What happened to the PS3 version? I'll tell you, A. either M$ paid for them to stop or B. they have no PS3 Dev skills. this is a tough call as i would say A. but they are a new dev so B. is very likely.

3. The Cursed Crusade looks way better than the First Templar, I'm talkin graphics, game play, overall Game quality and I have video to PROVE IT. I see lighting effects, the rain during battle is cool, way more detail and textures plus the colors don't look washed out like TFT.

4. TFT comes out in May....BAD move brother because The Wicther 2 is released May 17th and why waste time, money, bandwidth, keystrokes, etc getting a lousy console port when I can Play a Brilliant PC Exclusive that looks like this.

5. The Witcher 2 and The Cursed Crusade are your best choices. So far TW2 is PC only but the CC is 360 PS3 PC. Enjoy!

Raven_Nomad2836d ago

The First Templar seems to be a budget or at least reduced price game at $49.99

It looks solid enough to at least try out for that price IMHO. The links you have shown doesn't really show much in the way of story or anything like that. I actually liked The First Templars video better....

DTMBSquid2837d ago

Exactly. Elder Scrolls uses a similar style, which is why it's so popular.

Raven_Nomad2837d ago

I wish I had known this game was coming out a few months beforehand. It looks pretty damn good.

Not sure why some games ride under the radar like this, it would have been worth it for Microsoft to maybe advertise this game a bit.

banjadude2836d ago

It's the stiff animations, poor voice acting, and "uninspiring" fights that make this game seem very questionable.

I don't know... to be honest, I think it's a much better investment if you guys go with The Cursed Crusade.

DangerTick2836d ago

I'll skip this. I'd rather play The Cursed Crusade instead.