Lens of Truth Side-by-Side: Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 Retro Maps

gamrFeed - "We got to wondering: how do these fan-favorite maps hold up in Killzone 3 compared to their Killzone 2 origins? We decided to enlist our friends and partners at The Lens of Truth to help us out. First up are some side-by-side comparison screenshots. Killzone 2 is on the left, Killzone 3 on the right."

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GodofwarGoty2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

it shows how much the graphics have changed from Killzone 2 and Killzone 3 maps Good article

just_looken2743d ago

look better but kz3 map versions have new camping holes and bs turret locations.

moparful992742d ago

I dont know about you all but I just don't like the maps in killzone 3.. They're to "busy" for me and I dont enjoy them near as much as the maps in kz2... Im happy about the retro pack so I can play the maps I know and love.. Is radec academy in there too??

BeardedGamerShow2743d ago

Wow, Killzone 3 looks MUCH better than KZ2.

jetlian2743d ago

it all the images taken from different spots? LOT is losing it now

Ju2742d ago

Well. Take a closer look. They are exactly the same locations. That is how much the levels have changed (lightning and details).

jetlian2742d ago

aren't taken from the same spot. they use to get exact spots now they all over the place

Ju2742d ago

You realize those are KZ2 vs. KZ3 levels. Those are the same spots. Looks like you have a hard time recognizing them. If you'd actually have the DLC (and both, KZ2 & 3) you would know because you can just go there and check it out for yourself.

They have changed the levels to some extend, they are not 100% identical. Much more detail in KZ3's version.

jetlian2742d ago

the light pole is nowhere near the same spot! its atleast 30 feet away in kz3 pic vs 5 in kz2

2nd pic day and night time comparasions

3rd one taken from 2 completely different angles

4th two different angles and distances

Masterchef20072743d ago

Wow they changed the colors a lot. I like the new look though

ksoto2742d ago

Why is it that for some reason i dnt see kz3 as being graphically better than KZ2? hmmm i have both so i have to go back to 2 now that i just beat 3 which by the way is an awessome game, however i liked the maps on kz2 better and the board with the bolt gun was awesome that gun was insane and i loved it!!!!!!!!!