70 stunning Gears of War 3 screenshots

OXM is proud to present 70 Gears of War 3 screens, captured, snipped and bundled up during our time with the multiplayer beta.

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Ahasverus2747d ago

It looks awesome to be the multiplayer part of it. Surely the campaign will be breathtaking *¬*

FACTUAL evidence2747d ago

Freaking insane shots dude! Almost up there with uncharted 1!

Bathyj2746d ago

Are we looking at the same thing, because those screens look terrible?

Are these the same as that other article?

Look, I'm not an idiot, obviously the game doesnt look like that, something must be wrong with their capture process. Can some whose actually laid eyes on it fill us in?

theEx1Le2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I agree, the game has looked good in some videos and other screens but this capturing is amateurish at best. Heck the first screenshot even has the windows media player bar in it

ComboBreaker2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

Screenshots of gameplay of Gears don't ever match the bullshots Epic passed out.

dirigiblebill2747d ago

Best Gears multiplayer ever? I didn't get on that well with the second one - Submission was pants.

ps3bestever2746d ago

hmm, what for these screenshots looks ugly ? bad capturing ?
Geow3 will be amazing and best graphics of the year, we believe it but these shots looks so ugly ! :|

DiabeticJedi2746d ago

am I the only one sick of everybody always referring to any article regarding screenshots as "stunning"?