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The Scoop: Swept up in an alien invasion, you have to go against all odds and prevent both the invaders from destroying New York City, and a paramilitary corporation known as C.E.L.L. from killing you just because they mistook you for a different super-powered soldier they don’t like.

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NewZealander2931d ago

i got crysis 2 for xbox, my one real let down with this game is it seems you cant have two separate games under one profile, even if i switch memory location from HDD where my original game is, to say mem card or flash drive, you think like most games it would let you start fresh without overwriting your old save, but no...

anyone know a way around this, it sucks if more then one person wants to play the game on the same profile.

ndl15312931d ago

dam im sorry people i know i came on here mad as hell about crysis 2 the other day ranting my disapointment cuz of the graphics and all the pop in and what not but let me say that i completely did a 180' degree turn yall i am LOVING THE $HIT out of this game and yea it has a few issues but the action is top noch that goes to show that its not just about graphics ( to a certain point ) not to say the game is not gorgeous just a few issues and if u lern to accept them the game is superb. well people im convinced this game has made me a believer just that the beginning started kinda like any other shooter and i was like wtf? but just give it time once the aliens start apearing it gets to onother level of awsome. i really do take back my rant people this game is fenominal im loving every second of it

MasterD9192931d ago

I'll pick this up when it hits the 20 dollar mark or used.

Seems pretty good but with all the great games coming out its just not worth my time or money.