5 Games that never let go

Gaming Irresponsibly's Adam Allcroft writes: "Let’s all admit it. We have once, twice or many times been addicted to a video game. There’s no shame. The problem is that addicted isn’t now praise for a game, if you say you are addicted to a game now, people think you have a problem. Heck, hospitals now treat video game addiction as seriously as drug and alcohol addiction. Like people used to think just playing games was a problem. But I believe that every gamer has a kryptonite, a game that no matter how sensible the person is, will draw him or her in and will only release him for short toilet breaks, and sometimes embarrasingly not for them. If you are after a game that you can have a social life away from, these are games you should really stay away from."

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Football, that is an interesting one..