Why Nintendo mustn’t try and take on Sony and Microsoft with the Wii 2

Nintendomight be set to announce a new console to win back the hardcore crowd. Gavin from muses as to why Nintendo should stick with its winning formula.

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Ognipode2929d ago

I dunno, I think the idea of a Nintendo console with all its 1st party titles as well as all the current gen multiplatform titles is a formula for pure win.

WobblyOnion2929d ago

Only and ONLY if they get the online right this time. Friends codes need to die.

Pillville2929d ago

They have already redesigned Friends Codes on the 3ds, I expect they will do the same thing with the Wii2.

Basically, on the 3ds you exchange Friend codes with someone once to add them to your system-wide friends list.

It is exactly like Live and PSN except you exchange Friends Codes instead of Gamertag/PSN-Id.


fluffydelusions2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

@above you are correct but it begs the question...why not just be able to create unique ids like Live or PSN? Why must you be assigned some long obscure number? People love their handles.

Pillville2929d ago

But once you add friends, it shows them by their name. You never have to look at their Friend Code again.

stragomccloud2929d ago

Death to friend codes!!!!!!!
What the heck were they thinking! And why didn't they try to amend the issue with a system update!!!!! What the heck Nintendo!

Arnon2929d ago

Friend codes prevent people from spamming your profile with messages and friend requests.

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smoothdude2929d ago

Nintendo has made tones of money from Wii sales, so I think they should take on Sony and Microsoft more directly. I think the reason they went with the Wii in the first place is because the GameCube flopped, and they didn't have alot of money to play with.

Nintendo doesn't have the deep pockets that Microsoft and Sony have, but they are smart.

fluffydelusions2929d ago

Nintendo products are nearly all successful with a few exceptions eg power glove, virtual boy. But they need to get the online right to attract hardcore.

Scyrus2929d ago

they need more hardcore games in order to compete. but i think the wii 2 might do ok, wii's main winning point was its price compared to ps3/360 in the begining.

idiot parents had no idea about the massive difference in power compared to the wii's compition. they also got the wii because they thought they could lose wieght.

I worked at game crazy for almost 3 years, once this morbidly obese lady that was so big she had to be wheeled in on a wheel chair, she barely fit through the door, then she stood up and asked if we had any wii-fits......sorry lady on massive liposuction would save u.

anyway, hardcore gamers have a different mindset compared to the average casual person.

if wii-2's price is more than the 360/ps3 they arent going to do aswell. especially since i believe the wii fad has died.

so now nintendo is gonna have to get back to making good games for the wii 2 to do well

egidem2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I don't know why they wouldn't go after the hardcore market.

Soccer moms turned into gamers? Check!
Grandpas and Grammas turned into gamers? Check!
The whole casual market covered? Check!
Portable market for the casual? Check!

They've got the cash. All they need now is just to develop a console for the hardcore as well, very clever especially if this means that 3rd party developers can now develop games on the same par/similar performance level.

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def with nextinitely would like to see a Deagon Quest game on the Wii 2 with next gen graphics.

VampiricDragon_2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

exclusives will be more important than ever next gen

Valk2929d ago

As they were this gen and the console with the most sales has the most exclusives.

Oh I bet you were talking about PS3 there werent you... Now I'llwait to see what excuses you make for why Wii having way more exclusives than PS3 some how doesnt count.

VampiricDragon_2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

whats your deal dude? you a fanboy?

with 3 systems having relatively the same ability we get into snes and genesis territory . Exclusives are going to be more important than this gen.

Multiplats will have a split audience so they will sell as many or even less than this gen. People are going to choose a console and stick with it

therefore the deciding factor into which system people will buy there games for wil be exclusives

tigertron2929d ago

The current business strategy might be profitable for Nintendo, but I still prefer the old Nintendo when it targeted the hardcore gamer. The pre-Wii days will always be my favourite era of Nintendo. I know many will disagree, but thats just me.

I doubt Nintendo will ever go back now that they've made a big impression on casual gamers. Its unlikely that the Wii 2 will try and compete with Sony and Microsoft in hardware. The other article about Project Café's specs seem to be likely.

Alos882929d ago

First ditch friend codes, then we'll talk.

redDevil872929d ago

I think next gen Sony, MS and Ninty's online system will all be on par with eachother.

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