ButtonMasher - Killzone 3 Review

ButtonMasher - Few games require little introduction as Killzone 3 does. It’s predecessor on the same platform was widely accepted as one of the stand out performers of the generation to date. When it came to graphics, gameplay, audio and multiplayer action it had few peers.

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GodofwarGoty2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

In closing Killzone 3 sets the bar pretty high. The single player campaign is exciting and interesting. The multiplayer is fun and rewarding and the game looks amazing. Still the benchmark game to show friends what the PS3 can do. With Killzone 3 there’s plenty of value for money and with new ‘Map packs’ hitting the PSN there will be plenty more action to come

100 percent agree on these Part and i am enjoying the map pack it was worth 4.99 alot of fun the junkyard and stalh arms are the best KZ3 maps for sure

trainsinrdr2747d ago

i need to get this game before bf3 releases

GodofwarGoty2747d ago

you should get it because when BattleField 3 releases there will be no point in any FPS because the King will be Out

MrDead2747d ago

comparing those two games is like comparing Star Wars to Platoon

Close_Second2739d ago

Didn;t think he/she was comparing. More coming from the perspective that so many will ditch KZ3 multiplayer in favor of BF3.

I already gave up on KZ3 MP. It was nowhere near as good as KZ2 MP.