Gran Turismo HD screens

Some absolutely B-E-A-YEWTIFUL screen captures of Polyphony's upcoming pseudo iteration of the Gran Turismo series, Gran Turismo HD.

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bumnut5375d ago

these screens at best, match pgr 3 on 360. such a shame cos i love gran turismo.

achira5375d ago

this is gt 4 so its no wunder that it has not the best graphic, but it looks nevertheless good.

RuffRyder5375d ago

Are you for real, these screens comes no where near the quality of pgr 3 these screens are ps2 standards. This is just a lazy attemp by poly digital.

bung tickler5375d ago

but achira.. isnt the PS3 supposed to have games that are 8 million times better than the 360 that came out a year ago... so your saying that the time you have been waiting is for nothing... cuz you are going to have to wait ANOTHER year for the PS3 games to look as good as the ones comming out THIS holiday season on the 360.... aww I feel sorry for you.

kikilala5375d ago

is this GT4 playing on PS3 or a new GT made for PS3 just to show the HD capabilities??

"Essentially Gran Turismo HD is primarily the same as Gran Turismo for the PlayStation 2, except the resolution and frame rate has been drastically enhanced. Also from the screenshots you can count that there are more than the traditional six racers on track; something that has been sorely lacking in the GT experience.
Seeing how well Gran Turismo looks when the resolution is kicked up a gear, ONE ONLY DREAMS HOW WELL OTHER PLAYSTATION 2 GAMES WILL LOOK WHEN THE PLAYSTATION 3 DOES THIS THROUGH THE EMULATION PROCESS.. Just in time for the Australian release of Final Fantasy 12 if I must say so myself."

i really wonder if this is a GT4 playing on a PS3..

bung tickler5375d ago

it is not the old ps2 version... you cant magically emulate NEW code to add the ability to have more cars on track... and as a side note... games like halo 2 are already emulated in upscaled graphics so this is nothing new and has been around since the launch of the 360... sorry again you had to wait a year for something that has been availble for so long now... you do have my pity.

HighCod5375d ago

This is just GT4 in HD,and if u are a fan of the series u shouldnt be picking on the graphix.
Its all about the handling and feel but i still think GT4 looks stunning on my ps2.
Racing GT online is my best reason to buy a Ps3,and i wont buy it before the game is out.
GT5 should arrive late next year and would probably set a new standard for racing games.
When polyphony traveled around the world to get the different engine sounds of the cars in gt4 they used high tech devices with GT5 in theire minds,cus they could not fit more than 20% of each engine sound they had recorded into gt4.
Ps3 should do this just fine,and i cant f.... wait to hear turbos sucking and whizzling :p

xboxlj5375d ago

Is it just me or do the people (spectators) look like cardboard cutouts.

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The story is too old to be commented.