Cross Platform Gaming is Here

Will we see a day when xbox and PS3 gamers can do battle in the online world?

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darthv722929d ago

there are several games that had the potential to allow for cross platform play.

It wouldnt surprise me if 3rd party devs have toyed with this for some time. The decision to make it happen rests on the powers that be. MS being one of them should be more receptive to the idea.

Dark_king2929d ago

We had that day 1.Final Fantasy 11 didn't separate players based on the platform they choose.

Prototype2929d ago

I remember the day they did 18 hour maintenance to get prepared for the 360 version and I was on both the PC and PS2 versions at the time.

I hope another MMO does the same thing, some of the cool cats I played with were on the 360

Dark_king2929d ago

Can't now from what I understand,Live changed their policy it now will not allow it for some BS reason from what I understand.

coryok2929d ago

microsoft had said they did it so gamers would give more credibility to their online platform, theyve said that it wont happen again.

PS360PCROCKS2929d ago

would be nice! I don't get why we don't have this option? i understand some of the reasons but it still makes no sense. It would making playing online so much better will all the extra players

Infamous22929d ago

To me it's just another group of people that I'll be owning.

t0mmyb0y2929d ago

Except Microsoft would never allow a Sony platform connect to them.

ChrisGTR12929d ago

eff that. i dont wana play with people that have no mics

SCARE-KRO2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Regarding article: Microsoft won't allow this to happen. They are not supportive of the games industry as a whole - only what they control.

And @Chris GTRR1 - People with no mics are better than 8-16 year old American brats screaming obscenities and constantly asking what prestige level you are - even if your not even playing COD. Thats why 100% of games have a mute button and not a 'random screaming kid' noise button.

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The story is too old to be commented.