Portal 2 First 8 Minutes Gameplay

Check out first 8 minutes gameplay of Portal 2

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Ninver2745d ago

quite unique if i may say so. never got to finish portal on the horrid ps3 orange box. i may give this ago.

barb_wire2745d ago

There was nothing wrong with 'Portal' on the PS3.. ran smoothly without any hiccups. The only problem I had with 'Portal' was it's length - it could easily be done in a few hours.

fatalred alarm2745d ago

This looks quiet good actually,

NoobJobz2745d ago

Wow. Looks really good. Can't wait to play.

T-K47x2745d ago

The orange box was awesome on PS3, shame they couldn't update TF2 more. I'm hoping after this gets good reception from the PS3 valve will hopefully start putting older games on like L4D, TF2 with the updates on PC.

zeksta2745d ago

Gameplay was amazing, it's beyond me why they didn't use the PS3 version of the game though.. :/

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