Details Surface On The Controller For New Nintendo Console

Gameinformer: Now, we have our first reports about the controller and the system's graphical power. CVG has spoken to a source in the in the industry who said that the new console's controller is not just an upgraded Wii remote, but a much more advanced piece of hardware that will feature a built-in HD screen.

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fluffydelusions4317d ago

Sounds like an expensive controller. Better not drop it!

pangitkqb4317d ago

I just hope it still has physical buttons to play with too.

KiasuKiasiMan4317d ago

Hmms, screen? I hope it doesn't crack easily.

Sounds like there isn't any analog sticks.

So I guess the screen would be a touchscreen and have virtual analog sticks if needed. Nintendo is trying to apply the DS style of control to the console. And honestly it could be amazing if done right.

fluffydelusions4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

Virtual analogs like on iPhone games? No thanks. Give me real ones please.

kneon4317d ago

The DS controls are one of the main aspects of the device that I hate.

But this whole rumor sounds silly, unless they are coming out with a gaming tablet. If it's got it's own HD screen then it's not a home console, it's a portable device.

AuToFiRE4317d ago

oh yay.. $150 controller, like the full $80 controller for the wii wasnt enough

BlmThug4317d ago

Xbox 480 & PS4 Will Have Ultra HD While Wii2 Will Have Last Gen HD

DrVosknocker4317d ago (Edited 4317d ago )

Even with the Rumored specs, the GPU would be 3-5 times more powerful than the one in the PS3/360. The only thing that worries me is the RAM. 512MB??? 1GB DDR3 is $15. They seriously need at least 2GB. This Gen of consoles launched with much less ram than they should have.

kneon4317d ago

Ultra HD is quite a stretch, that will likely never launch commercially in our lifetime. But Quad HD is a real possibility. HDMI 1.4 already supports it, the consoles just need to be powerful enough to render at 4x the resolution of 1080p.

As for RAM I can't see anyone launching a new console with less than 1gb of RAM, there are phones with that much now. RAM is one of the main bottlenecks in this gen.

Yangus4317d ago

I think,new N console its VERY COOL-
I wait!

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The story is too old to be commented.