Gold Farming = Terrorism?

Recently, the FBI raided the apartment of two University of Michigan students. The reason behind their raid was “the investigation of fraudulent sales or purchases of virtual currency that people use to advance in the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft.” The students share an apartment at University Towers in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and claim that the federal agents have the wrong people as neither one of them play World of Warcraft. Among the items that were seized from the apartment were laptop computers, hard drives, credit cards, paperwork, computer equipment, and cell phones.

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CrimsonEngage2927d ago

It's a fucking video game. Let's all go to prison for farming fake gold herpa derpa.

Wenis2927d ago

You should probably read the entire article.

outwar60102927d ago

wow thats american intelligence for you

Menech2927d ago

Coming for a guy that can't use the caps lock or even a full stop talk's cheap.

CyberCam2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

You don't know the half of it... If you have half a brain and you do some research, you'll find out how evil the American Intelligence Agencies really are (look for ex-CIA agent interviews for starters)!!

All you got from outwar6010 statement is his punctuation? WOW... That's how you address the issue?

I don't believe that punctuation will be on your mind when the US government has fully dissolved your Constitutional rights and starts treating you like a criminal of the state if you disagree with them!

outwar60102927d ago

i am aware of most of the shit they pull. From the sadistic soldiers to the racist and corrupt american "inteligence"

blackhammer2927d ago

Yeah, I'm totally gonna gold farm so then I can donate to Al-Queda or the KKK.

Jesus Christ, that's so damn stupid.

undercovrr2927d ago

Careful the FBI might show up at your house :p

Menech2927d ago

I have bought from gold farmers in the past guess that makes me a Cyber-terrorist.

maxcavsm2927d ago

Holy christ. Well, I suppose it is a place where subversives can seemingly meet from hundreds of miles away under the guise of playing a game. Nice find, GamenTrain.

MsmackyM2927d ago

So sad goverment agencies investigate WoW gold farming far more so than 911. Way to go intelligence agencies.

CyberCam2927d ago

You're missing the point... the government agencies did not investigate 911 to have an excuse to investigate WoW gold farming etc.!

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