1UP - Twisted Metal's Multiplayer Refocuses on Collaborative Car Combat

1UP - New multiplayer elements add deep mechanics to the next Twisted Metal.

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SpaceSquirrel2834d ago

I loved Twisted Metal Black. I am definitely looking froward to TMPS3.

warrior99882834d ago

yeah tm black was 1 of the best more mature & dark content & sweet tooth looked scary lol

-Mezzo-2834d ago

I am countless great memories attached to t his Franchise i remember playing it with my Brother when we were younger & i always used to get my [email protected]@ handed to me on a silver plater.

Cannot wait to play this with him again, but this time it will be the other way Around....... "Hopefully".

LevDog2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Im still a lil confused.. So does each car have their own special? Or does the Driver? Seeing Sweettooth in Axels ride is weird.. But im curious if that changes the aspect of Axels ride..

Still pumped for this game regardless of how confused I am haha


Yes, each car has their own special; except in this game each car a two specials. The driver is just the driver now which you can mix and match with the other vehicles. I dont know how you choose Sweettooth and then Axels ride though. I guess we will see when more info comes out. I Cant Wait!!!

Prcko2834d ago

I think each car,and every car in game have 2 special attacks,one what is ''kinda''easy to get,and second one what is harder to get

LevDog2834d ago

Ok. So your the driver is just for looks? I hope each driver adds something to the table besides looks. Maybe speed or handling. I don't want it not to matter who I picked. That's the fun of TM, picking a driver based on car and special

madjedi2833d ago

They may have done it this way for the multiplayer aspect, it looked like 16-32 users from some of the videos shown. The sp mode will probably be more traditional each driver has a preset vehicle and abilities.

madjedi2833d ago

Damn sounds good, anyone know if they said anything about an open or closed beta yet.