Portal 2 PS3: No mouse/keyboard support

PS3 gamers unable to utilise PS3's peripheral support for Valve's upcoming smasher

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chak_2746d ago

I hope we can filter if we want to play with padders or not.

tdrules2746d ago

I remember when Mac users got TF2 and server owners found a way to filter them lol...

evrfighter2746d ago


that made me lol

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Substance1012746d ago

Lol yea would be disgusting to be handicapped playing with a control pad player.

nickjkl2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

hate those keyboard and mouse so called master race gamers

i would like to see there accuracy scores in fps games

reynod2746d ago


MS already did, go ask them what happened with Xbox and PC crossplay. It went down the toilet because the best of the best controlpad gamers couldnt keep up with average PC gamers lol.

HenryFord2746d ago

But you do know that there is no competitive multiplayer? It is not about playing against each other in a running around and shooting stuff game but in a puzzle game - it is more about actually solving the puzzles, you can do that with a controller, don't you? I played Portal with a XBox-Controller attached to my rig, worked like a charm (to be fair - I played this game with m/kb first). Do you really have to beat on consoles just because of the pure reason that they're consoles?

sobekflakmonkey2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

To be honest, I was hoping they would add Keyboard/Mouse support, the only other developer that has ever done it was Epic games, and that was for unreal tournament on the ps3, and i thought that was siiiick, gaahh, devs are gay sometimes...

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49erguy2746d ago

When the hell are the reviews coming out?

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The story is too old to be commented.