April 20th Brings Vindictus Content Update

MMOCrunch: "I’m talking about the almighty Titan, appropriately named, who waits for level 60+ players brave enough to enter his lair via the Rocheste Battle Quest Dock. The spoils of this battle are great, as Titan carries high-end crafting materials and unique armor, among other things. Watch out for ballista spears that cannot be blocked by any shield, and get the heck out of his way when he goes into his furious rage!"

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omicron0092795d ago

Cool, I gotta give Vindictus a try.

ATiElite2794d ago

Vindictus needs to take out a bank lone and start advertising this game. It has some minor flaws but overall it's pretty dam fun.

Keep pumping out the updated content and let PC Gamers know that it uses The Source Engine! what a kick ass action/rpg.