GamesEyeView: Nintendo's Rumored New System - Is it a Good or Bad Idea?

GEV Says: As we’ve posted earlier, speculation is aloft that Nintendo will be coming out with either an HD version of the Wii, or a new console all together. Having only launched in November of 2006, the Wii is not even 5 years old yet. This is still fairly young to middle aged as consoles are concerned nowadays. The Nintendo GameCube lasted nearly 7 years before being discontinued, and the direct competition, Sony’s Playstation 2 has been around, and still supported (although barely) for 11 years.

So why the outs for the current Wii? Here’s our take:

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Shok2836d ago

Good idea. The Wii, although still having decent sales and some great games coming out, is slowly losing steam. Announcing a new system will once again put all the attention on Nintendo, along with the 3DS hype, making the general public completely oblivious to what's going on with Sony or Microsoft.

Nintendo's on top and announcing a new system will keep them on top.

cptgame4462836d ago

I agree. I think it's a good move for Nintendo. Bring the core gamers back to Nintendo, and let people have the option of Wii, or Wii2. Especially the motion control. Prior to this announcement I figured Wii was dead and all focus would be 3ds.

Nightshade3862835d ago

Is this a good thing for the hardcore gamer? Yes, absolutely. But Nintendo clearly didn't plan as long term this console generation as Sony and Microsoft did. And they've sold so many Wii's that I think they're risking alienating all those casual gamers they brought into the fold by bringing out a new system so quickly.

Alos882835d ago

I honestly don't think the majority of people that bought the Wii really care about how pretty the graphics are; most of them bought it to show off at parties or maybe to lose some weight. It seems like a waste of time and effort to recapture a portion of the market that has mostly moved on to the other systems.
Crucially, this has to appeal to the casual market- if it intimidates them, they might get scared off, losing Nintendo their edge.

cptgame4462835d ago

The problem is though that in terms of motion gaming, which is the obvious goal of the system, while right now more well known, it simply can't function as well as the playstation move or the kinect. That lack of z-space is a huge problem for them.

DNAbro2835d ago

Yes this is exactly what i want. I want nintendo's console to be able to keep up with the xbox and ps3.

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