IGN: Razer's Onza Xbox 360 Controller is Finally Here and It's Awesome

IGN: "It has been a long time since I first saw the Onza, Razer's professional-grade Xbox 360 controller; though it made its debut at CES 2010 and has made appearances at a number of tradeshows since, it has only now been finalized for production. So, what's changed over the last year and a half? Quite a bit.

The resistance adjustment mechanism, which allows users to manually adjust the tension of the analog thumbsticks for either more rigid or fluid motion, has been significantly improved. In earlier encounters, twisting the dials underneath the thumbsticks resulted in only slight changes in resistance, whereas now there is a much larger range of tension, allowing for finer adjustments. "

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a_bro2748d ago

Razer makes good stuff. highly recommended over Mad Katz.

Newtype2748d ago

>Good Stuff


zeal0us2747d ago

Given my history with mad katz products I would have to agree with you, to date all 4 of my mad catz controllers is no longer working. Some started screwing up only after months of having them.

Not to mention the ps2 products I brought from them multitab had an shortage controller wouldn't work.

This is just my experience with them, if anyone else been better or never encounter then don't stop b/c me.

starchild2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

Does this work on the PC? I mean, are there drivers for it yet?

I already prefer wired controllers for the faster response time and the fact that they are more comfortable due to the lack of battery bulge on the bottom where your fingers tend to rest, but the fact that wired Xbox 360 controllers work easier on the PC is another reason I prefer them. If this has drivers for the PC I might well buy one.

Edit: I read that guy's review in the comments below and now it doesn't sound so great. I'll have to read some other reviews.

palaeomerus2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I prefer wired controllers because they are generally cheaper, I don't need to worry about batteries or recharging, I won't lose the damned things in the couch cushions or under my bean bag chair, and I won't have distracted guests wander off and accidently leave them somewhere between the den, the front door, or the bathroom and then begin a frantic house-wide search for the player two controller (probably hiding in plain site)to unpause the game

On the other hand one of my cats liked to attack the wires, and every once in a while I'll stand up, catch the cord and drag a wired controller off of the coffee table or whatever. Also it's nice to have the USB's open for Thumb drives to save and stream music from.

I guess both have their place.

wwm0nkey2748d ago

Going to buy this very soon.

tawak2748d ago

and It's Awe...Wired?

SJPFTW2748d ago

yes you go wired for competitive play noob.

CobraKai2748d ago

I think MS holds the patent or rights (or whatever) to the wireless tech of their controllers so third parties can't take advantage.

DarkBlood2748d ago

im confused, if so then why are the ps3 wireless, unless im not understanding something here?

STICKzophrenic2748d ago

@Darkblood - Sony used standard Bluetooth for their wireless controllers, so any company can make their controllers wireless.

Microsoft has their own patented wireless frequency or something that they either won't license to other companies, or other companies simply won't pay to use.

Cheeseknight282748d ago

Seeing how it'll jointly work as a computer gamepad, I don't mind wired.

DelbertGrady2748d ago

I play lots of online multiplayer and prefer the wired controller. It's lighter and you don't have to worry about batteries running out mid-game.

Wenis2748d ago

I too have a wired controller which I tend to use most often. Its more convinient for netflix, so I don't have to turn on my controller just to pause a movie or something since the wired is always on.

NoBias2748d ago

I have 3 wireless controllers and one wired one. My wired is the main one that I use. I definitely prefer it. Just got the Razor as well. I freaking love it for SSFIV and other fighters.

It's like having an arcade stick in your palm.

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SpLinT2748d ago ShowReplies(2)
Senden2748d ago

I have the standard edition of this and it's GREAT for MW2. As it's standard, the analogue stick tension is unchangeable and they're set to being very very loose. For MW2 (I assume would work with all cod or twitch based shooters) it really helped with my accuracy and in 1v1 battles up close I really felt I had a distinct advantage because of this. For Halo Reach however, the loose sticks aren't so good. Overall it's a great controller but the way it's made looks kind of cheap.. reminds me of one of the unofficial controllers i got on cheap for my friends to play mp games with me. But don't let that fool you, it's a fantastic controller despite the cheap feel on the standard edition.

O and the wired vs wireless, wired all the way! I'm quite competitive and had always used wireless for convenience. Since switching to the Onza my first wired controller, I've definitely noticed an improvement in the controller's response time and as i'm used to the wireless one, it felt like I had a distinct advantage initially which was great.

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