PS3 Version Of Mortal Kombat Has A Large Mandatory Install

It has been revealed today that the PlayStation 3 version of Mortal Kombat will have a large mandatory install.

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user94220772747d ago


Not that bad - just have to wait a few minutes.

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blumatt2747d ago (Edited 2747d ago )

I don't have a huge problem with these installs, but I DO wish Sony would allow us to just install the whole game to the HDD like on the 360. I mean, hell, if I've got to install 4GB anyway, I may as well install the full 7 or 8 GB and not have to use my BR drive.

Yeah, maybe Sony will add the ability to install the game fully to our harddrive in a future firmware update. It can't be THAT hard. lol Only thing is, some of the exclusives might take quite a while to install (the ones that are around 15-20GB in size.).

willie322747d ago

I agree with you. I would love to install the entire game on my HDD and have faster load times.

jriquelme_paraguay2747d ago

maybe this bigs intalls are that

chase1672747d ago

That's 4GB of Kratos //great comment\\

shoddy2747d ago

I would give up 8gb for the great Kratos.

Kratos is taking over MK.
even the god of god fall to the mighty Kratos.

the graziest mofo in the universe.

Prototype2747d ago

Oh my god my 500 GB HDD with 380+ GB of free space can't handle it (jumps off a bridge)

HolyOrangeCows2747d ago

online pass, mandatory install, not all characters playable not even offline....yep. Mortal Kombat is looking better and better all the time!

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VerticalTilt2747d ago

wish i didnt have to wait for install

easto1a2747d ago

wtf thats loads! portal doesnt even have one

Solidus187-SCMilk2747d ago

Why does a fighting game need to install 4GBs. WTF is that about. Loading 2 characters and an arena shouldnt need a 4gb install.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2747d ago

the demo with 4 fighters and 2 stages was around 500+mb install. with it adding the online play/tag team/theater mode and any other hidden goodies this is shaping up to be a bad ass game. heres hoping that this will keep the lag online to a bare minimum.

glad I got 2 ps3's...the 19th is gonna be a busy day, I will have one downloading the Socom 4 patches, and the other downloading the MK files...Probably wont make it to work the next day, seeing as how I wont get either game til after 5pm with Amazon shipping and then downloading for a while in the evening.

supremacy2747d ago

its strange, but i don't care.

Nitrowolf22747d ago


usually i don't mind mandatory install but for that size and for this type of game? It just doesn't make any sense to me

Christopher2747d ago

Fighting games tend to have long load times on starting up battles. Likely do this to help reduce that. Wish it wasn't mandatory, though.

Nitrowolf22747d ago

yeah thats true, i just find it very strange that out of all the genre fighters seem to have the largest and most mandatory installs. Its just surprising to see that, especially for a game that works on a 2D side plane. I take it this is a port then?

Larry L2747d ago

It would be nice if it wasn't mandatory I suppose. But if it were optional, would you NOT do it?

Isn't Super SF4's optional install about 5Gb? And that game has alot less going on technically than SSF4. That optional install on SSF4 all but eliminated loading screens. So if that's the case with MK, I'm happy. I expect load screens, but I expect them to be short.

Christopher2747d ago

Pretty much Larry L. But, optional installs at least would stop all the drama over them being mandatory.

sayonara892747d ago

Almost every UE3 have install, here is your answer :)

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