Outperforming The PS3/Xbox 360 Isn’t Enough; The Wii 2 Needs A Regular Controller

Geek Revolt writes "Wii 2 rumors are flying like crazy lately, with talk that it’ll be more powerful than the current consoles; it’s understandable why gamers would be excited for it. But the Wii 2 needs something besides great graphics to win over the core crowd; it needs a regular non-motion controller..."

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Solidus187-SCMilk2835d ago

I said earlier that I think Nintendo should have a motion pad and a regular dual analogue pad come with every console. They could get better ports of all 3rd party games then the 360/ps3 then.

The wii 2 could have alot more support from multiplatform devs is this happened. I would be far more likely to buy one if I could use the motion controls as an alternate method instead of the default like the wii.

Lou-Cipher2835d ago (Edited 2835d ago )

Me too.

Every game should have the option of NO MOTION, I enjoy Nintendo franchises, but I hate having to sit upright just so I can shake my arms around to get Mario to jump.
I miss Nintendo games, but until I can play them comfortably, I wont buy another Nintendo.

That, and I would like to see some sort of Trophies/Achievements for the next Nintendo. (Yes, I have turned into a Trophies/Achievements whore this gen)

MintBerryCrunch2835d ago

the moment they do that, they will lose the casual crowd who bought into to motion gaming, the moment controllers become more "complex" or "confusing" by using gaming controllers, a casual gamer will look at it and not think twice about it

im not saying that a dualshock or 360 pad is confusing, but give it to one of your parents and you would think that they just came out of the '50s

Lou-Cipher2835d ago

You have a point, but Nintendo could most definitely have the option to use a quality controller for all, or most games.

Nintendo definitely needs a non motion controller that is compatable with every game. Until they get that, they will never win back the Core gamer.

Shok2835d ago

The Wii has a standard controller, so I wouldn't worry about this.

flyingmunky2835d ago

I don't want a controller that has to plug into another controller just to function, that's just dumb. The controller needs to run independently and preferably run on lithium ion batteries, can't tell you how much I hate hunting around for batteries because the ones from the wii mote are in the xbox controller or the tv remote or whatever.

Shok2835d ago

Why do I have so many disagrees? The Wii does offer a standard controller you not see the pic next to the title of this article? Lol.

It's called the Classic Controller Pro people. Geez.

Wenis2835d ago

& its a piece of shit.

fatstarr2835d ago

classic controller pro is very nice. Monster hunter 3 perks.

sarshelyam2835d ago

They offer a controller, sure, but how many games option its use? Not many...not many of the ones I want to play anyhow (Mario Galaxy, Zelda, etc.)

Baccra2835d ago

If the Wii had a standard controller it would come, standard, in the freaking box of each Wii sold. It doesn't because it is optional, and thus has no right to be called a standard controller.

Mcardle2835d ago

Bring back the gamecube controller, it was one of the most comfortable controllers i've ever used!

meganick2835d ago

Yeah, the Cube controller was very nice.

Titanz2835d ago

They set their expectations so freakin' "high" for Nintendo, that it's almost unhealthy even.

stragomccloud2835d ago

It's sad really. And really, to all the nay sayers. Think of where the industry would be without Nintendo. Even today!

sarshelyam2835d ago

...the only thing that kept me from enjoying games like Super Mario Galaxy was the constant shaking, waggling and aiming. If Nintendo goes back to a traditional controller I can finally see myself having fun with the games once again.

Masterchef20072835d ago

I completly agree with this. Because for core titles the Wiimote and Nunchuck are not as good or as comfortable as eith the PS3 or 360 controller. In my opinion Nintendo should have done this day one because the Wii unique controller isnt for everyone.

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