Portal 2 Walkthrough video game guide

Are you ready for the jumping, shooting, and puzzle solving you need a Portal 2 Walkthrough for? Gaming co-op strategies of a lifetime await. Are you a huge Valve Fan? Are you wondering where Half Life 3 is, or at least episode 2? Well wait no longer! Read up on Portal 2 and get all the relevant walkthrough details here.

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sandip7872841d ago

I did NOT know they were using stephen merchant in this game... awesome!!

gameguidedog2841d ago

My thinking is this title should make 'game of the year' or possibly be on the list anyway.

MmaFan-Qc2841d ago

who seriously need a walkthrough for portal? ...lmao!

Dr Face Doctor2841d ago

Uh, this is just the E3 Walkthrough.