Gamespot: SOCOM 4 Review

A sturdy campaign, challenging cooperative mode, and boisterous online multiplayer help SOCOM 4 make its predecessors proud.

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Riddicrash2930d ago

Pretty good score, I might look into this, I haven't played a Socom game in many years.

AAACE52930d ago

These 7.5 scores keep making me nervous! I was expecting most reviews to be about 8.5! Confrontation kept getting 7.0 scores and we see how that worked.

I was mainly planning to get Socom 4, Twisted metal and Uncharted 3 this year, and it is looking like I might have to pass this up!

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hiredhelp2930d ago

Its gamespot. they not fans of ps3 like ign.


Still Confrontation remained the most played game over PSN well through CoD WaW and MW2 times, as well as KZ2, Uncharted 2 and MAG.

Even if you look back in time, you'll see Socom is a franchise that raises that "not for everyone" argument. It's not the first SOCOM to receive a lot of 7's.

Socom is always a case of love for many and disgust for others. Some people can't stand tactical shooters, while others won't play anything else. This Socom isn't that different even if they tried to make it more of a game for everyone... Now you have people that like competitive tactical shooters with an open mind praising it for the fresh air, some Socom vets trying to adapt, some other vets passing it entirely and many casuals who'll probably play it for some time and let it go as any other shooter.

The question I would really raise is if this Socom will build a community around itself like previous Socom games did.

Personally I liked of what I played. The shooting mechanics still feel like Socom, you still have that "one chance, every shoot counts" feel. The maps design we saw in the beta were good. There is a good weapons and explosives list. The animations are mostly good (maybe we could use a faster strafing), the cover system works. The new game modes are cool, although the game as a whole will be better if they add Demolition and VIP based modes later. Clan matches are easiest to set than in any Socom before. Even the Standard modes feel like a nice warm up before the real deal while waiting for friends to get in. Point is, there is a lot to enjoy and make it a regular game night there.

It's not perfect though, we still miss lobbies and we could use pistols instead of the rambo set in the classic mode. Also it even need some fixes, mainly the communication (which personally I believe can be a major reason for downscoring the multiplayer) and the granade still glitches sometimes, falling short/hitting the cover, eventually getting yourself killed... Also the infrastructure is just wrong, I don't know if it's a beta thing but we barelly can join friends in anything but clan matches, we need at least a good party system so we can keep the Socom family feel, I don't want to be forced to play with strangers like in a crap CoD matchmaking, also we'll be ready (green up) when we are ready, give us the chance to switch sides and get rid of the countdown to start...

Worthy mentioning, although maybe not a real problem, is the customization... It was better on Confrontation. They let that XP thing get too much over their head, M4A1 is one of the most versatile weapons in the world but we can't get a supressor or a grip on it now as the weapon only get whatever 5 upgrades the leveling unlocks and that's it (you can't even remove some stuff, only remove/change scopes and supressors)... They should, at least, add more stuff to unlock and let us choose which one too use (I know many vets aren't confortable with granade launchers in classic mode, although I really don't mind em, I'm good with my K2 and G36C). Also the sound of the guns aren't as recognizeable.

I think the decision to buy it or not relies on how you decide to see Socom 4... Half full or half empty? Some will call it a flawed gem, personally I think it's a good game with room for improvement.

Silver_Faux2930d ago

Why would you base your perception on a game by what someone else says?

Pixel_Pusher2930d ago

I loved the beta and for me I would have payed $60 just for the multiplayer.

Pixel_Pusher2924d ago

7.5 is a good score but I would give MP a 9/10.

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LOGICWINS2930d ago

Why does a random person's opinion about a videogame make you nervous? You can STILL get the game if you choose to.

RememberThe3572930d ago

Because everyone seems to be sharing that same opinion. We use reviews the gauge if games are worth our time and money. So when most every reviewer says the game is not as great as it could be people get nervous.

LOGICWINS2929d ago

But there are no more than 60 or 70 reviewers that review one game, yet there are MILLIONS of gamers out there that have their own opinion. 60 or 70 random people shouldn't even come close to being an influential force in someones buying decisions.

chidori6662930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

gamespot give the score for socom confrontation 6.5....

taken with a grain of salt this review. :P

TheDeadMetalhead2930d ago

Really guys? After all the stuff that's happened in the last few months, you're STILL paying attention to what reviewers say? Geez...

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Relientk772930d ago

Socom 4 looks sick, and 7.5/10 is still a good score, also its Gamespot they don't just give out high scores

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Reckless7182930d ago

socom is weak ill stick with confrontation zipper should be killed for what they did

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