Namco’s been “very busy” with Tales series

Scrawl: "Just because we receive so little Tales updates here in North America, we’re bringing you even the littlest of news surrounding the franchise. Following last week’s proclamation of “great plans” for the series, Namco community manager Rich Bantegui has said that they’ve been “very busy” with the franchise."

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GameTavern2835d ago

Not like they have much else to keep them busy!

Infernostew2835d ago

I hope they have more announcements than just Tales of Graces F stuff. My ps3 is hungry for some tales. Come on Bamco, I haven't bought many games from you this gen. Take my money, please.

Redempteur2835d ago

you can be busy all you want as long as GRACE F is being localised..

Inception2835d ago

Namco, if you were busy with Tales than where in the hell Graces F, Radiant Myth 3, Tales of Phantasia: Narikiri Dungeon, and other release date for US ver???????

kreate2834d ago

they're still busy... im sure they want our cash on their existing software.