Aperture Science Starts Mysterious Countdown. Portal 2 Releasing Early? Or Something More…?

RipTen: A mysterious countdown has begun over at Aperture Science website (which is owned by Valve), and it’s counting down to 9am on Friday morning!! (PDT)

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CrzyFooL2742d ago

I knew it. No seriously, Gabe told me.

malamdra2742d ago

the single mention of Half Life would take away all the attention now placed on Portal 2

so forget about it

inveni02742d ago

They could very easily reveal DLC for HL:EP3 with your purchase of Portal 2. That would both boost Portal sales AND HL:(all eps) sales.

marioPSUC2742d ago

Either some reveal of something or the game releasing early for PC owners. Would be really nice of them to release it early to the PC, but I think I'd much rather them reveal something like say episode 3

Sandwich Bender2742d ago

Something related to Episode 3 would be great.

Ausir2742d ago

Well, if it's Aperture, it's probably related more to Portal than to Half-Life...

Pandamobile2742d ago

Yeah, but Aperture still ties in with Half-Life.

jaredhart2742d ago

Ohhhhhh! Mysterious Countdown.

tdogchristy902742d ago

All this anticipation, the talk of something going on on April 15, portal 2, and now a countdown! The anticipation is killing me, I can't wait for portal 2!!!

omi25p2742d ago

When i go onto i get a christmas video

Riddicrash2742d ago

There you go...I wonder what happened to e and f?


Ethereal2742d ago

ok so the g is missing from "beginning" and then f and e are missing from the site. G ordon F re E man. There must be more missing letters somewhere?

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The story is too old to be commented.