Street Fighter X Tekken Hands-On Preview | CheatCC

CheatCC says - "The embargo on information from Capcom's Captivate event has finally been lifted, and that means there is a whole lot of info coming down the pipe. First up is Street Fighter X Tekken, which had a fully playable demo version available at the event, marking the first time anyone was privy to the system the game will run on."

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It's not Tekken if I can't move sideways. I'm interested to see if they'll update the SFIV engine for that or not, but I'm way more interested in Tekken X Street Fighter!

I have Super Street Fighter IV here and I barely played it, it's collecting dust and it's a great Street Fighter game. Tekken 6 wasn't that good of a Tekken game and I played it a lot more. I just realised that I don't like 2D fighting that much anymore, feels too limited, although I had a lot of fun with friends playing the MK demo on PSN this last weekend.

One of the funniest "3D" (polygonal 2D gameplay coupled with sidestep/siderolling movements) fighting games I ever played was made by Capcom, that was Rival Schools. So I really hope Capcom look if they can implement it and still feels like SF (Rival Schools felt a lot more like 2D fighters of its time than like a proper 3D fighter).

The crossover shall see a lot more differences from the original series... I'll lough my ass off when I jump 8ft high with Lei or Eddy or get Heihashi or Yoshimitsu running for mama the moment they see what a real projectile attack looks like, but it's a crossover so I kind of expect and want that, still I don't think 2D gameplay and tekken movements can work together.