GeoHot Asks You to Help Fight Sony

After detailing some interesting contents of his battle with Sony in the court, infamous PlayStation 3 and iPhone hacker George Hotz has asked people to – if they want the legality of jailbreaking their PS3 resolved – file a declaratory judgment against Sony and go against them in court as he did.

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Nitrowolf22928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Of course he wouldn't, he went into this case thinking he would win that easily. I don't expect him to admit defeat, not after all this. He should have seen this coming anyway

Joni-Ice2928d ago

So you want my help? No thanks!

ComboBreaker2928d ago

so I can donate money to Sony to help fight GeoHot.

Shadow Flare2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

They could do that combo but instead Sony opened a donation account to help those in Japan affected by the quake. But according to geohot, Sony is evil.

Geohot needs to shut up seriously. He's fighting for a cause that 99% of console owners don't give a crap about. Sony gave you guys Other OS for all your homebrew stuff. But that wasn't enough for you guys, you had to take it too far. You bite the hand that feeds you and you moan about Sony taking away other OS. Boo hoo. Other OS, which btw is another feature 99% of ps3 owners could not give a crap about, and probably didn't even know their ps3 had the feature

JBaby3432928d ago

I'd help Sony long before I helped any hacker. Why can't you people just give it up and live normal lives? No one cares what you hack or how many hot pockets it took you to do it. You really think the hot chick walking down the street is going to care you hacked a PS3? Pathetic.

Christopher2928d ago

***Sony need to open a PayPal account,***

Kind of already exists. Buy games, devices, etc.

Will-UK2928d ago

Im lost with this guy he hacks the PS3 for homebrew but he himself has admitted it can lead to piracy. Hes angry becuase sony, a BUSINESS now protected its investment by constantly fighting piracy what did he expect; them to roll over and allow him to continue.

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shoddy2928d ago

I can't even afford 1 cheap ass lawer.
damn lawer are expensive.

I always say hacking the ps3 have very little benifit.
I don't want to get ban online.
I want to play new games that require new FW.

why hack a ps3 when I have a computer that can do so much more.

HolyOrangeCows2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Just when you think the kid is asleep and you close the fairytale book, the kid opens their eyes and tells you to keep reading.

"George Hotz has asked people to – if they want the legality of jailbreaking their PS3 resolved – file a declaratory judgment against Sony and go against them in court as he did"
So he wants us to fail in his footsteps...I mean FOLLOW in his footsteps...and lose a court case against Sony (He signed because he knew he was going to lose)?

badz1492928d ago

the injunction saved him from paying a dime but not able to save him from insanity? PS3, it only does everything!...even driving a hacker insane!

MmaFan-Qc2928d ago

wut? you want help george?......all the donation you got from the peoples your frauded wasnt enuff?

I_find_it_funny2928d ago

Those sukcers who donated lol

what a waste

colombiankilla012928d ago

Everybody knows what he did with the donations money down in south america! lol at the pathetic dumbasses who donated money expecting to make it back with the piracy! [email protected]#$ing retards! lol

ChrisW2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I'm going to step out on a plank over shark infested waters and say,

In this day and age we hold much more dearly to what we consider our inalienable rights and are more willing to point out the indiscretions and absolutisms of major corporations. Therefore, I find it hard to condone or condemn GeoHotz’s actions. Keeping the aforementioned in mind, I am torn between adhering to the EULA and what I perceive as my inalienable rights.

hay2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

If pirates want free PS3 games so badly wait for PS4, it should be like two years from now, then Sony will stop fighting so hard with PS3 focusing on next gen and it'll be easier for everyone.
But for now, GeoHot should shut up since more and more people seem to dislike him.

Moentjers2928d ago

GeoHot 9h ago | Spam

hahaha !

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zag2927d ago

SO it wasn' Sony taking him to court it was Geohot taking Sony to court?

Then he decides it's better for him to settle with Sony because they were going to lose but his settlement means he can hack any Sony product he likes?

Hummm something seems up here.

As all the news sites must be wrong now.

inveni02927d ago

Why would I help fight the publisher of the best video games this generation?

This kid has some serious mental issues.

morganfell2927d ago

That's it? Trash talking and empty statements? How is this cowardly and twisted Frodo wannabe news?

I guess 'Frodo' is a misnomer because even in fiction Frodo at least stuck to his guns. As soon as the rubber hit the road and his internet hiding days were over this little miscreant folded like a cheap picnic table. Now he is relegated to little more than a poster boy for birth control.

For all his braggadocio, when the time came to stand up for his so called beliefs, lean into the pitch and take one for his 'team', it only took one little prick to let the hot air out of his party balloon and we are left with an annoying whining sound as he flies across the room into oblivion. Sucks not to have any real skill in life, doesn't Shaggy? Have a Scooby snack and a big steaming mug of shut up.

Sony smacked him and he deserted his so called entrenched beliefs like his head was on fire. I find it mystifying anyone was idiotic enough to fund him via Paypal or other means. I guess Barnum was right after all. There is indeed a sucker born every minute.

Nothing he says should any longer be considered a matter of consequence. When one cannot demonstrate a willingness to hold tight to their most vehement remonstrations, how believable can they be? Even Michael Pachter is more dependable than this moron.

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Prototype2928d ago

I'll help fight AGAINST Geohot...

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2928d ago
egidem2928d ago

Next articles to follow:
GeoHot vows to destroy Sony overnight
GeoHot slapped with another lawsuit
GeoHot now asking for donations to fight Sony
GeoHot and Sony settle out of court, again

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supremacy2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

lol i know right how pathetic is guy has some serious issues.

@shoddy lol that's so funny, but true to the core.

I am starting to feel as though there is and has been this conspiracy against the Japanese giant.

Those other morons trying to waste their time protesting at local Sony shops don't realize that Sony has a lot of ties in many different departments with many different companies and industries.

So even if you dont buy Sony products directly you are still supporting them through 2nd and 3rd channels.

Buy samsung instead of Sony tvs? sure, but know this both these two companies share the same tech and have a venture that's been taking place for several years now.

Than there are the movies and music business, how can you boycott all that? better yet how can you get millions of careless people to boycott all this? When Sony owns several big key firms in each perspective fields?

Fools, are only wasting their time.

Like the joker would say, everything burns, everything burns geo and in this case you my dear friend have burned your options.

egidem2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Damn...I thought the Joker was famous for saying: "You idiots!..He's taken one of you out!...and not in a first date kinda way."

mastiffchild2927d ago

Wow. Geohoot's now got the gall to ask fellow hackers to have the balls he DIDN'T? He jumped, after taking THEIR money to help his case, at the very first chance to save himself and, most likely, rat all his associates out to Sony(he MUST have offered something to settle with them)in the process and now he's making all this nloise to cover it up so they don't know what a shit he's been? Low.

A man who believed in himself and his position would NEVER have settled and people will alqwasy wonder just what Sony got from him because we will never get the details of the off record discussions. If he had one bollock he'd have fought Sopny rather than running away, giving Sony something juicy and then crying for someone braver to take over what his balls free existence couldn't.

I don't like his POV and don't agree with anyone who supported his misguided and(frankly patronising-"IDK anything about piracy, duurrr" position asked for us all to be DIM)dodgy position but DO think even they deserve better than a coward as figurejhead, someone who, at least, would see this thing through and believe in what he's saying as Hotz obviously cares about two things:Himself and ho much attention he's getting. right now he wants to turn the spotlight away from his cowardice and getting someone else to actually do what he didn't have the guts to is what page he's currently on in the "I didn't have the balls to play Martyr handbook".

He set himself up, a;most, as a Jesus or Moses for this movement. the lone, brave kid fghting mighty Sony in court. HE set it all up that way. HE took everyone's money with them thinking he was fighting for them all. and HE took the easiest way out possible and stuck two fingers up at anyone who donated or supported him. He's pretty low in his actions and his talk, now, might be loud but says NOTHING.

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Parapraxis2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

I'll Fedex him a package of OxyClean, that's the ONLY way i'd ever help this snot-nosed little punk.

egidem2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

What??..and waste perfectly good money on shipping to this arrogant guy? No!

Tell him shipping is free and that it's a pickup...available all the way at your house!

RIP_Weazel2927d ago up, GeoHot launches his fantastic xbox pyramid investment scheme! Everybody! Rally round for this once in a lifetime opportunity!!!

xtremeimport2928d ago

I'll fight Sony...I'll fight them by buying all the great games and future products they release....err wait...I guess thats not fighting.

piss off lost, you got owned, now you crying.


CryofSilence2928d ago

And I ask GeoHotz to shut up. No one cares about him.

2928d ago
morkendo232928d ago

GeoHot Asks You to Help Fight Sony

this got to be a FKING JOKE geohotz dont need our help. hell,I rather donate to sony so they can kick his theiving ass.

TBM2928d ago

Wow more articles about this douche why? I wouldn't help you hacker boy if you really needed the help.

Just go away.

frostypants2928d ago

Kid, you lost. The world disagrees with you. Get over it.

ps3destroyer2927d ago

Sorry but the only one defeated is the gamers who are left with no option for cheaper games and go with the I don't have 60 usd I take the mpoul(in greek dick).

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LOGICWINS2928d ago

Why would I help fight Sony? They've done nothing to me besides provide me with what I think is the best valued computer entertainment console on the market.

Shadow Flare2928d ago

And they've been doing it for 16 years. Sorry geohot, sonys treated me very well. So I treat them well back. I have no right to tamper with their software, it's not my property. Sonys earnt my loyalty.

debian_zac2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

"computer entertainment console" yet i can't legally install linux on it D:, (insert dmca rant here)

note: I don't want to alter their code, i want to wipe their code off and have it work properly with the linux.

JackBNimble2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

you could have if people like Goehot didn't look for exploits... don't forget why it was removed!

edit: Geohot is just trying to save face after pissing off the hacker community. I really hope he crosses the line and get's nailed.

Nitrowolf22928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Why should that matter?
this is the basic definition of a computer
" An electronic device for storing and processing data, typically in binary form, according to instructions given to it in a variable program"

The PS3 does all this, same with the 360 and technically calling it a computer isn't as wrong as many would think.
We don't call a calculator a computer but it is one.
They built the system to do what it does and then they gave you the option to update. If you wanted to install linux that bad then some people shouldn't have updated.

The way i see it Linux is just an excuse hackers are using to justify this as something right to do. I mean we got so many people complaining that they took linux away and this is right, and yet i can go on any hack site to see that the Linux thread are extremely unpopular compared to Call of Duty Lobby rooms and other cheating post.

Christopher2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

***note: I don't want to alter their code, i want to wipe their code off and have it work properly with the linux.***

If you bought a console that could have OtherOS in the first place, do a factory restore and don't update the firmware. Voila, OtherOS is all yours and you can wipe the XMB data as desired.

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debian_zac2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

since i can not edit my post D:, i will post a comment, i want bare metal Linux thus no hardware restrictions due to virtualization or a hyper-visor.(also no sony foot print on any of the software)

I don't care about playing games. that is what my pc is for(which is linux).

the ps3 has cell technology, and the price of one ps3(300?) is cheaper than that of one IBM blade server with cell technology(~8 grand, the cheapest i could fine was 6400 usd*used*)

the cells are the same between the ps3 and the blade, however it would be cheaper to cluster ps3s than buy one blade server. the air force seen this and did so.(cheaper tech that is same quality as high priced tech is good tech)

if i am wrong with any of the information above please inform me. ;)

also do people even know what hacker culture is any more or for that matter what a hacker really is? does the jargon file mean anything or has the term hacker been taken over by the media's use of it.

rbrtchng2927d ago

The same way that you buy a gun, and you can't modify it into an automatic weapon. The same way that you buy a PC, and it's still illegal for you to put illegally obtained data in it (piracy). The same way that you can go to a Uranium rich area, mine some Uranium, but you are not allowed to purify it into a nuclear weapon.

Don't be a naive little kid. There are laws. Get used to it.

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LOGICWINS2928d ago

Well, its not the end of the world. I believe you can use Linux on ur PC or desktop. In fact, Linux works much better when used on an actual computer. And u can even hook up your PC to ur TV and PRETEND that its ur PS3 doing it :)

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