‘Street Fighter X Tekken’ details surface – shaping up to be a fighting game fan ‘Must Buy’

Conflicting Gamers, "I’ve been a huge fan of BOTH series but just a little more toward the SF side. But oddly enough, out of these two hybrid match-ups, the ‘Tekken X Street Fighter’ version has me the most intrigued. The fact that we’re getting another quality ‘Tag’ style fighting game is also cause for rejoicing for fighting game fans".

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Hitman07692743d ago

Looks like a great title in the making. Can't wait to try it out.

BlueEye2743d ago

I am getting it, been a big fan of Tekken since the early PS1 days and been loving SSFIV for a year now. The gameplay, screenshots and everything we have gotten so far are just rough looks at the final product that will look awesome! Did not know it was gonna be double team tough.

cgmike2743d ago

Hell yeah, I LOVE tag-style fighters. Haven't liked one as much as the old Temken Tag Tournament tho. Hope this will change that!

Prototype2743d ago

More hype = Crappy Game

Seriously back in the late 90's when both companies came out with killer games, I'd be amped for it, but now in 2011...If and I mean IF done right I'll give it a go

miyamoto2743d ago

no thank you.... for me Street Fighter II Champion Edition for the Genesis and Marvel vs Street Fighter on the Sega Saturn are some of the bestest from OLD CAPCOM when they wasn't CRAPCOM of today.


Street Fighter IV
Super Street Fighter IV
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition
and Marvel vd Capcom 3 with hidden characters you already bought but cannot play?

only a fool will rush to buy games from this dollar greedy crappery company! use your head.

cgmike2743d ago

Almost agreed with you til you said "Street Fighter" and "Genesis" in the same sentence. I loved the Genesis, but honestly now:
SFII Turbo on SNES (w/10 star speed) > SFII CE on Genesis

Prototype2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

I remember growing up and going to an arcade there was at least 1 Street Fighter 2/CE/Turbo machine somewhere, then late 90's MSH vs SF or Marvel vs Capcom then also either Tekken 3 or Tekken Tag Tournament; now if there is an arcade still around its mostly rigged claw machines or some type of game no one wants to play anymore.

I want the golden age of gaming back :(

I actually liked the Genesis version better because of the 6 button controller layout, and because of the cheat to add 5 stars to the champion edition. I had some friends who played the sega version more although both were fun in their own merit.

miyamoto2743d ago

yeah I have so many fond memories of the Street Fighter II' Special Champion Edition on the Sega Genesis.
The sounds are so 'crisp'& 'punchy',
voices with 'laryngitis' were so amusing
Ken's cool purple costume just can't be done on the SNES &
the controls feel so 'snappy' than my SNES version.
I played that cart to death and it is still working today.

Scyrus2743d ago

i think it looks like garbage, horrible graphics, they made nina look like an N64 render of Shiek, the gameplay is the same as SF4 with tag teams. i mean if u enjoyed Sf4 then i guess its good, but I really reaallly dont like that game.

Ugly faces, face expressions are horrible, ryu, ken and 90% of the cast look like gorilla's, its slower and stiffer than SF3 and rid it self of SF3 parry system.

im not lookin forward to this game at all. rather play tekken vs SF. or stick to MVC3 and blazblue

BlueEye2743d ago

Do mind that this is a game still in early development.

Scyrus2743d ago

um lol most people say that but it always looks the same by the end, mvc3 and sf4 look the same as when they were revealed, why wud this game look different? they arent going to change nina's horrid character model just because it sux.

kazuya's model isnt bad, but everyone including the SF characters are hideous

BlueEye2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Well we will just have to wait and see what happens don't we. Gamers are CONSTANTLY! Just constantly declaring the game sucks from a few screenshots and small bits of gameplay, plus of all things you are complaining about graphics. What I'm trying to say is make your final decision either soon before, during or after release of the game, not when the release date is still more then half a year away.

There are probably a good handful of games that don't look quite as good as they could or even just plain terrible, but they were still great. Can't think of any at the moment but they are out there.

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