When Should Devs Defer To Fans?

TitanReviews writes: Developers are listening more and more to fans as their lackluster attempts to appeal to everyone draw rage from the 'net, but is this always a good thing?

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BK-2012744d ago

Capcom needs to take DMC away from those absolute shit devs. I hated Heavenly Swords lame-ass combat and Enslaved was even worse. Devil May Cry is about awesome stylish combat and not some smoking emo prick.

Tripl3seis2744d ago

every time i look at that picture it just painful to see man miss the old dante and he dosent smoke for god sakes!!!

TheKindRoost2744d ago

that thumbmail pic... burn it! burn it! burn it!

Bigpappy2744d ago

Only if what they are doing isn't working.