Steam On PS3: It's A Doddle

TheSixthAxis goes hands-on with Portal 2 and its PS3 Steam sign-up process.

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Dante1122796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Nice, I can't wait to use this with Portal 2. Guy in the article said that you could chat with Steam users/players and use Steam's cloud saving system (similar to the PS Plus one I guess). Can't wait.

baodeus2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

I haven't used steam before, so how does it work? Do u only need to pay for things u purchase but everything else (chat, cross invite, etc.....) are free?

If the service offer the same thing like PS plus, with addition of those cross invite and such, what sony gonna do about PS plus? Are they gonna have like multiple different services (PS Qore, PS Plus, Steam,)?

Thanks man, that sound like a good service. Are there any limitations?

like it only has certain games for purchase or u can pretty much purchase any games?
Any extra bonuses, etc....

If it is good, i might just jump on it.

callahan092796d ago

Steam is free except for the games you buy.

RedDead2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Bonuses would be the ridiculously cheap deals. It has every game and their demo's, on pc this is how it is atleast. There's also a community thing which I barely use though. I dunno if there is chat. Ps+ is more like....well it's just a discount service really with some free games.

Actually, I don't think steam will be allowed to do deals, it would get rid of the purpose of Ps+. Or am I wrong?

Also cross platform play is unfair for joypad users, reaction times with a mouse are generally alot higher. Not to mention all the hotkey's

Charmers2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

You are not getting the steam store on the PS3 you are getting steam works which is a set of services such as the in game overlay, cross chat, friends list, automatic updating, free DLC, cross platform gaming and steam cloud saving etc. All these services are free.

The actual steam store that you find on the PC is not coming to the PS3.

baodeus2796d ago

oh thanks. Maybe i'll jump on steam for the pc then, just need to buy a new laptop. :D

-Alpha2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Crossplay is all I care about. PS3 has the smallest community for multiplatform shooters/games in genral and this is a nice way to give PS3 players more support.

Hopefully it gets integrated into older games. Would love to play TF2 on my PS3 with the huge PC community

And I hope they look into patching Orange Box as they've said they'd like to.

callahan092796d ago

"Would love to play TF2 on my PS3 with the huge PC community"

You would get destroyed in the worst possible way. PC-Console co-op can work, but once you introduce competitive play, the console players will never survive, it would just be frustrating. Especially with a game like TF2 where there is a huge dedicated fanbase on PC, filled with players with massive experience and skill. Nobody playing against them on a console version is going to have an enjoyable time.

-Alpha2796d ago

Yeah true lol.

Well, hopefully for the future we see games supporting Move/KBM and PC crossplay

evrfighter2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Yup, coop would be the only kind of cross platform games that would work.

Even then you might get the spreadsheet nerds that would refuse to play with console gamers. Not me though I'd play with console gamers if only just to flex my epeen.

Btw I'm not sure how this works. If I preorder at amazon and get a 20 dollar credit. What's stopping me from taking the pc code and getting roughly 30 bucks for. Trade-in at gamestop for the ps3 version?

If it works out that way one would have spent 5 bucks for the pc version...

callahan092796d ago

Not sure what's to stop you from that, evrfighter, but in the interview with Valve that was posted to PS Blog today, it definitely said that you cannot play the PS3 version and the PC version at the same time if you unlocked the PC version by buying the PS3 version. So I'm not sure really sure how they prevent that. They didn't specify. But there's some kind of check there. It's weird. We won't know 'til it's out I guess.

nnotdead2796d ago

i am not to sure how true this is. in UT3 you could go into rooms that allowed either controller or kb/m. i never felt so over or under powered using either. sure kb/m was my preferred method of play, but i could be just as competitive with my controller.

Ducky2796d ago

Well, they'll also have to update the PS3 game since I believe it is behind...

... even then, I don't think TF2 has much (if any) aim-assist on the console. That's gonna make things difficult.
If you can play scout with a controller, then major props to you.

Oh well, we can always use more medics. =)

callahan092796d ago

@nnotdead: probably because almost all of those people you were playing against were using a controller even though keyboard/mouse was allowed.

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Pandamobile2796d ago

I really hope they don't waste their time fixing up a 4 year old game that they didn't even make.

MysticStrummer2796d ago

Of course you don't. xD That goes without saying at this point, panda.

a_bro2796d ago

i dont think that would even work anyway.

They would have to re-write the whole again.

might as well make a new orange box. despite having those games on steam already, i would buy it again just to play it on PS3.

Bull5hifT2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Yeah that'd be pandemonium, to start Loving the PS3, how weird even john Carmack likes it, and Gabe owns Micro$oft Stock ... And Epic Games loved the Modding Freedom, i really want Gary's Mods on PS3


Something like Lefft 4 Dead on PS3 and PC Coop could work.

bebojet2796d ago

What if Microsoft decides to work with Steam and PS3 vs X360 vs PC tournaments will begin? Wouldn't that be something. May the best platform players win.

Ducky2796d ago

That's kinda how Valve promoted the PC/Mac cross-play with TF2.

360vsPs3 cross-play... that how you solve the console war. :D

bebojet2796d ago

That would be so awesome. I have a few friends that won't buy a ps3 even if I have a gun pointed to their heads. This would be the only way I can game with them.


''that how you solve the console war''

Or that's how you put more fuel in the fire.

pipipi2796d ago

the only thing i need now is to buy steam games with psnetwork cards or such

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