CVG: Wii 2 has all-new HD controller, out 2012 - Sources

CVG writes: "Leading games publishers have already been briefed on the new console, we understand, and launch titles from third-party developers are in the works right now. What's most exciting about the Wii successor however is its all-new controller, which industry sources have indicated is not simply an upgraded Wii Remote, and will even feature a built-in HD screen."

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kesvalk2745d ago

the rumor mill is spining wildly...

malamdra2745d ago

no matter how you feel about Nintendo if you're a real gamer they deserve your utmost respect, and this should be exciting news if confirmed

what sucks about it is that once again a Zelda game is stuck between two consoles

kesvalk2745d ago

they have my respect, but this is the 6th article about this in what? 5 hours?

it's getting ridiculous.

fatstarr2745d ago

i dont want to hear anything about ridiculous because the other day gta5 was all the rage and the week before that there were like 13 geohot articles all on the main page with 100+ comments.

Highlife2745d ago


They deserve respect as a whole but lost some after the wii.

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fatstarr2745d ago

the rumors are always so imaginative when it comes to Nintendo. not like that for the other 2.

hope alot of this stuff is real. and i hope the ability to upgrade it over the years isnt false either.

AEtherbane2745d ago

If there's one thing we can learn from these rumors, even if they are all wrong, is that an official announcement of the Wii's successor is imminent.

Shok2745d ago

An HD screen on the controller? Hm.....are they trying to do something along the lines of the Dreamcast?

Knghtz2745d ago

That screen on their controllers was hardly high def...

evilmonkey5012745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

were those even in color?

Knghtz2741d ago

Don't think so. I think they were on the level of tamagotchi, lol.

supremacy2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

Or an advance take on remote play? Who knows, i suppose a simple merger between home console and handheld unit.

But i could be wrong, i mean after all the 3DS just launched, so that's out of the question i suppose.

The HD screen i believe is maybe touch based and if that's true, than we could be looking at a hybrid wii-DS type platform or something entirely different which would required you to look at the controller in games.

Like in fps where you would look at the HD screen on the controller for items check or objectives instead of doing so on the big screen. idk i am just guessing.

And though this all may sound interesting, i wonder what their take on online will be this time around. How better if better will their network be, will they too utilize a cloud based system like Sony is planning with the NGP+PS3?
Or will the just stick to the current platform.

So many questions, e3 will be interesting this year for sure.

pcz2745d ago

yes it would be good if they put all the screen info on the controller. like how many bullets you have left in your gun, how much life you have left, how much time you have left etc.

this cluttering of the screen with info completely destroys the illusion of being immersed in another universe.

if the hd screen had powerful graphics on it (like ds graphics), i think it would be too expensive, so i think the screen will be used for in game info.

L6RD7BLU32745d ago

Yeah the Dreamcast VMU was dope especially for games like 2k, I hope it's sorta the same or more. Cant wait for the next Wii or whatever the name maybe.

kesvalk2745d ago

the best use (IMHO) was for sonic dash, that way, no one knews wich card you had and what you had planned, it made the game way more fun...

malamdra2745d ago

lately all rumors appear to be true, except the ones that are clearly fake like that FF7 NGP email

ScubaSteve12745d ago

nope not really, they come up with this stuff to get hits on there websites, i know how these sites works.

Lamarthedancer2745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

I hope they bring out a classic official controler for the people who don't really like Motion controls because each person has their own reasons "I hate motion controls", "Motion Controls are a gimmick", "Motion Controls are too casual" get the point

I have my own reasons though, I would just like to play certain games on the Wii for games which I don't find good with motion controls or if I'm in the mood to do something different.

I think it would be a pretty good way to lure back some of the core audience who are attached to their standard controler

archemides5182745d ago (Edited 2745d ago )

this is exactly what's going to happen, exactly how in the beginning of this generation nintendo was all about "new experiences" but ended up just remaking 2-button nintendo and super nintendo side scrollers. also it'll be exactly how with the 3ds they have made it a requirement for games NOT to use the 3d element because they don't want to alienate people (meaning people who will pay them money). and just as obvious as it is that nobody plays the wii nor are there many good games for it, they will regress and give-in to what people will actually pay for. what people won't pay for is another wii with simply upgraded graphics...most of them don't even look in the direction of the one they have anymore.

SpLinT2745d ago

Nintendo dominated this generation with a PAST generation console. Good luck Sony and Microsoft, the Console reigning champion is ready to win AGAIN for 2012. Nintendo 2012 Console Champs.

kesvalk2745d ago

never, ever, sing victory before the time, no one knows what they will do this time.

and we talking about ninty here, they some of the most out of the blue devs on the industry...

CaulkSlap2745d ago

Are you saying that's a good thing? Reselling overpriced Gamecube hardware with gimmick isn't something that should be congratulated by gamers. Even if you like Nintendo games.

Heavy_Rain2745d ago

Oh really? Like they never got shafted with ps1 and ps2 before right?

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