Kotaku: The Blindingly Obvious Improvements We Want in Wii 2

Kotaku: "A thinning Wii release list, a rumored impending price drop, and reports that Nintendo is about to reveal its next console all seemingly point to one thing: Nintendo is about to reveal its next console.

Game Informer says the successor to the Wii—Wii 2, Nintendo HD, Super Wii, GameCube 3, whatever you want to call it—will be revealed at E3 2011 and launched next year. IGN says we'll hear official confirmation this month. We've heard from sources that it'll be more powerful than an Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

So here are the blindingly obvious improvements Kotaku wants from the Wii 2."

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blumatt2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I'm sure whatever they call it, and regardless of its specs, it will sell well. All they've got to do is bring back some of their classic games with a coat of HD paint, price the console at a decent pricepoint, and people will line up in droves to buy it. Hell, I may even buy it. I haven't had a Nintendo console since the original NES. lol I miss me some Mario games, actually. Super Mario Bros 3 was the bomb back in the day. haha Back when gaming was just fun, and no one cared about console wars.

Otheros002929d ago

I hope it's not a gamecube 3 or a wii 2 spec wise.

hazelamy2929d ago

it would be nice if nintendo weren't too frakking cheap to make sure their next home console will actually play audio cds this time,at least, dvds would be nice too, but at least let the thing play the nearly thirty year old, but still widely used, format
seriously, how much would it have cost to allow the wii to play cds?

so if they could not skimp on what should be a basic function like that next time, that would be cool.