( Dynasty Warriors 7 Review Rap

JC "This nfamous hack and slash series gets its turn on our cutting board. Dynasty Warriors 7 is up for the lyrical assessment.

Written and Performed by: Jerome Chance
Music Produced by: Equivalent Exchange
Video Edited by: Chris Oliver"

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JeromeChance2745d ago

Remember, you can see the lyrics to my reviews by clicking "watch video"

BiggCMan2745d ago

I didn't like it, sorry, just being honest. I also disagree with you saying it is the same exact game, because it isn't. They revamped a lot of things in this game, starting with letting everyone use every weapon. The story mode being 4 long stories instead of 1 per character. The conquest mode is very unique and welcome, the graphics are much, much better this time around. Performance is also how it should be with no frame rate drops. Someone who has followed this series since its beginning knows what i'm talking about, this is a fantastic game, and I hope they keep up the good work in future titles.

Kaitro2745d ago

But when it comes to down it; it really is the same old thing. Sure it has new features and things here and there, but it's still the same ol' hack n slash.

JeromeChance2745d ago

I appreciate your honesty. I need you to understand that these reviews, because of the format, are not in depth. I like to think of them as similar to a 20 second blurb on television news. I could get very detailed but they would then be 8 to 10 minutes long. As I mentioned, I like the game. I play them anyway. Ive played all of them other than 6. I will play 8 if they come out with that. You have to admit that the core concept of the game is the same across the board. The graphics are good, they just arent as good as you will see on some other games. As a tech person I understand why this is, which is why I said they were ok. I also mentioned that they added the Jin story line (thus bringing it to 4) and this is the first in the series to advance past the Wuzhong Plains battle. I could have mentioned the weapons and gone into more detail about the modes but i did mention them. I also touched on how Lu Bu is still the nastiest character in the game. This is art so there are a lot of abstractions. I also try to add a little humor as well. In contrast to that, my comment that "all the same remains" means that a lot of the things that make Dynasty Warriors games what they are is still there. i was being pretty direct. I appreciate your comment though sir. People like you make me have to stay honest.

Arcee2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

Good review, I am sure it is an awesome game, but I got tired of the Warriors series after DW5. Still man, I like the rap review. It's different, and sometimes different is what we need on here.

JeromeChance2745d ago

Oh and you can download them on

NuyoRiquena2742d ago

The game is silly fun imo. I felt as though it was Zoolander - ish. Nonetheless fun and so was the rap.