March a strong month for the PlayStation 3/PSP

Notice shows growth for PlayStation 3/PSP hardware and peripherals.

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OllieBoy2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

PS3 is selling great everywhere.

And PSP is flatout dominating Japan.

Dlacy13g2742d ago

Is Japan now the only territory that is publically putting out actual numbers now?


LOL @ people disagreeing with a question, obviously mistaking your doubt for a afirmation of a one-market-matter.

The answer is no. Japanese groups Mediacreate and Enterbrain are indeed still regularly publishing sales record from Gaming Industry in their region but GfK's ChartTrack also put out numbers for UK market regularly.

What we lost was North America, as NPD has made its numbers non-public some months ago.

Many other regions are researched by GfK (as well as the regions said before), but that's mostly third party work made to other companies which choose if they'll publish it or not, usually when it's magazines or other gaming media we get to see it... Anyway, those number don't come out regularly.

So now, for sure, it's Japan and UK only.

Dlacy13g2742d ago

@bishop-br... thank you for actually answering my question and not just "disagreeing". LOL

Question on GfK's numbers... I have seen the software rankings posted, but I have never found the actual hardware numbers posted out for the UK and Europe anywhere beyond a site like VGChartz and I don't trust their methods.

Anyway, cheers and a bubble to you for answering my question with an actual answer.

postofficebuddy2742d ago

Double digit growth for PS3 and PSP compared to last March would be at least 344k and 130k.

BK-2012742d ago

They mean like up 10%-20% not doubling the actual numbers.

postofficebuddy2742d ago

That's what I meant. 10% growth compared to last March would be 344k for PS3 and 130k for PSP.

BK-2012742d ago

I thought you meant something went up from 130k to 344.

josephayal2742d ago

DEF the best selling console of all time

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