March NPD

The physical retail channel continued to show declines in March, according to the newest NPD report. Total sales dipped 4% to $1.53 billion for the month, as software declined 16% to $735.4 million. Hardware, however, increased 12% to $494.5 million while accessories (driven by the PS3 network card for $20) climbed 13% to $241.3 million.

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donniebaseball2841d ago

Wow, Homefront second to Pokemon?!

dragunrising2841d ago

I expected Crysis 2 to beat out Homefront. It released at the end of the month so perhaps its too early to bill it as a failure.

ImHereNow2841d ago Show
chidori6662840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

yeha.. Pretty sad really those Killzone numbers. For some reasons Killzone 3 just does not really sell all that much.

btw, i dont believe Killzone 3 ever past the 2 million worldwide mark.

plb2841d ago

I thought they weren't releasing NPD numbers anymore?

donniebaseball2841d ago

They don't release units sold. They release sales numbers for the overall market and they provide a top 10 games chart without units

Dart892841d ago

No surprise there pokemon is very popular.

Zir02841d ago

How in the world is Blacks Ops still in 5th place in March. Thats just crazy.

Too bad Killzone 2 didn't chart considering it was released so late in Feb, but Crysis did well.

gamingdroid2841d ago

Because other than the people on, the vast majority of hardcore gamers really like Black Ops.

BISHOP-BRASIL2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

The vast majority of HARDCORE gamers? Sources please...

I have 70+ real friends on my PSN account (as in I know 'em personally) and I would consider 40+ of them hardcore. From those 6 play CoD regularly, more than 10 bought it and played for a week or two and I never seen 'em playing it again...

Yes it's a really small and obviously non representative sample, but from my experience the MAJORITY of hardcore gamers don't like CoD that much. In fact, [edit]around half[/edit] of 'em don't tolerate it.

EDIT NOTE: Bad math.

badz1492840d ago

Hardcore and CoD is the same sentence! oh...what the world has became!

there are hardcore CoD players out there, I know but CoD is a casual shooter! get your fact straight!

gamingdroid2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

So considering:

a) Wii doesn't sell CoD games very well because their customer base are casuals

b) PS3 and Xbox 360 have mostly hardcore gamers as their audience

c) About 20 million copies of CoD: Black Ops sold (not including used re-sale copies) and less than probably 1 million of those belong to Wii or PC.

d) Both on Xbox 360 and PS3, the most played games online are CoD: Black Ops alone, let alone older CoD games.

So any way you define hardcore gamer it is considered unanimously that HD consoles (Xbox 360 and PS3) user base are hardcore. The most played game on those consoles would logically be played by hardcore gamers.

Your friends are hardly representative of PSN community as they are most likely the type that enjoys the same type of games you do. Don't friends typically share the same interests?

@badz149: Note, approachable games doesn't make it casual nor does it not require skill to master. What you are describing on the other hand are niche games.

DaTruth2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

You'd be amazed how disk scratching can inflate sales numbers!

Halo 3 is still in the top 20!/s

MR LOOKINGBILL2840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )


@Bishop-br strange thing about KZE i was playing multiplayer guerilla warfare last weekend .and hardly anyone was playing it. Most matches had 4-5 players total.

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