Anonymous training new members for the April 16th event against Sony

April 16th is day 1 for what Anonymous calls the start of payback. Protest have been planned worldwide on Sony products. As the hactivist group continues to rally new members via the internet and the irc channels, they have also prepared their soldiers for the repercussions of local law enforcement in their area if things get over heated.

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SpaceSquirrel2796d ago

This is getting a little out of hand

mushroomwig2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

This is getting more comical with every passing day, I'm actually looking forward to the event on the 16th, it'll be quite the disaster....for anon of course.

Krimson-Rage2796d ago

Careful, you'll get bubbled down for "trolling" and a "personal attack"!! Seems these pretentious fools have friends in low places...

Anarki2796d ago

I actually think we should go down to the sony store ourselves and bitch slap some people. These people need to wake up a little. :/

rezzah2796d ago


You'll get charged with assault =p.

Pointing and laughing should be enough.

MechaGear2796d ago

The problem is anonymous doesn't have one hand. They are legion. They are plenty. Hard to coordinate.

xAlmostPro2796d ago

W|hats funny is i'll be going to the store in glasgow on the 16th.. if there's no protestors i'll laugh to myself..

If there is actually 1 or 2 of them with the masks on i'll be sure to humiliate them..

Would filming me removing their mask be enough ? I'm thinking of immature things to do considering the actions carried out by them have been pretty childish

MagicGamer2796d ago

It's just the start of things to come i'm afraid.

DeeZee2796d ago

I wonder how they train new members, hmmm... Anyone care to guess?

plb2796d ago

It starts with a red ball and ends with you being hung up in a cellar dressed in black leather.

Kran2796d ago

Basically, they fuse the masks to your face, and then they lock you in a room, tie you up, put a headset over you and all you hear is the words "Hate Sony" over and over.

..... That was a joke. ;P

Just go away Anonymous. Nobody cares what you do now.

MagicGamer2796d ago

I do. I actually play the PS3 and have a genuine money interest in being able to turn it on when I need to. Anonymous is a threat to that and is making loud noise about being quit. Whatever, I know what these guys have done and can do. This crap needs to stop.

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The story is too old to be commented.