EA and it's increasing online and DLC charges

A dark cloud is coming over post game sales. Online charges, DLC charges, used game charges. Major publishers are doing it more everyday. Will we see the end before it really kicks up? Or will this be the new norm?

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2836d ago

I have exactly one EA game (Tetris), so I'm not sure EA's Online Pass will affect me too much. Even if it spreads to publishers I do buy from, I only buy games if they're worth buying new. And as fragile as the discs are, I'm a little leery of buying used. It is a pity EA is trying to loot bargain hunters with this online pass. The answer is simple: don't buy from EA. Ever. But especially not the Online Pass. If their profits take a big enough hit over this, they'll cave. Or they'll eventually go bankrupt. But then what happens to all those sports games?

Quagmire2836d ago

As much as I dislike EA as a publisher and their forced Online Passes, how can you pass up the amount of quality titles they produce? I certainly couldn't.

Neo Nugget2836d ago

No, no. DICE should get the credit of making a good game like Battlefield, not EA.

AntoineDcoolette2836d ago

What Quagmire said. Last gen I only had 3 EA games this gen I have 7. EA has stepped up their game and made many wise acquisitions with studios such as Bioware.

teething2836d ago

I think the online pass is a great idea.

But then I buy all my games new. When I want a great deal I just wait a year or so after a game was released, and then buy it new.

ShadowArchangel2836d ago


Of course! Cause Dice has enough money to pay their employees to make awesome games! Has nothing to do with EA funding their stuff! Evil EA HOW DARE YOU.

hazelamy2836d ago

and look what they did to bioware, how lazy was dragon age 2 anyway?

how many other rpgs take place in six or seven environments?

as for the question of how can i pass up ea's titles?
believe me, it's ridiculously easy.

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STICKzophrenic2836d ago

It really won't affect me in the slightest.

If it's a game I really want, I'll buy it new to support the devs.

I don't play a lot of multiplayer anyway, so if I do buy it used, chances are that it won't hinder my experience at all.

The_Nameless_One2836d ago

Companies have no choice but turn into extreme method in order to reduce piracy and used game sale. You as a consumer have choice to support or not. It's that simple.

hazelamy2836d ago

you know what's really pathetic about ea championing this?
it's that they probably benefit more than anybody else from trade ins, what with most of their profits coming from annual identikit roster updates disguised as new games.

ea would be in a much worse position than they are if there were no trade ins, people wouldn't buy so many new versions of thei sports games if they couldn't trade in the old ones.
but short term frakking greed shows them to be a bunch of moronic idiots.

they want to know what the result of this is?
the result is i will never buy their games new, maybe preowned if they're cheap enough, and you can find ea's sports games preowned for a couple of quid after about a year or so.

so like every other form of drm it has in fact had the opposite effect to that intended.
the trouble is i wouldn't buy ea's sports games anyway, feature creep from their annual release schedule has made them all a fucking mess.
i don't want to look in a fucking manual, which by the way ea are doing away with to save them more money, just to figure out how to kick the fucking ball.

and as for the idea that they make no money from preowned?
show me one ea game that doesn't come with tons of dlc, with a lot of their games you could end up spending more on dlc than the game cost new, and this is the company that sells you cheats to unlock content that you can play to unlock.

and as for running servers, well it's the players who host isn't it?
as i said i don't play ea's sports games so i can't be certain, but most games the publisher's servers just point you at other players and then track the results at the end, and even with that minimal workload they're always fucking going down.

so i say, fuck you ea you greedy fuckbags.
not very eloquent, but it perfectly sums up my feelings on this subject.

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