10 Great Games of this Generation You Might Not Have Played

GameDynamo - "With so many fun games being offered this generation of consoles, sometimes the greatest gems are left unplayed in the rush of overly commercialized titles the likes of Call of Duty and Halo. To help you discover some awesome games you may have never even heard of, GameDynamo has prepared a list of great games you might not have played this generation!"

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gersh4313d ago

I really wanted to like Crimson Gem Saga. I enoyed it in the beginning but quickly grew tired of the horrible dungeon designs.

Ducky4313d ago

Elite Beat is one weird game.

Neckbear4313d ago

And one of the best rythm games ever.




Quagmire4313d ago

Lol, great game. Why hasnt there been a sequel?

Venoxn4g4313d ago

+ Osu takae ouendan! (other elite beat agents)

+ Moero! Nekketsu Rhythm Damashii Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 2

play these too if you can't get enough of elite beat agents !! :)

Goomb4313d ago

Muramasa was great and most people didn't even notice it. Singularity was awesome too.

DJZed4313d ago

Really enjoyed Singularity too.

Criminal4313d ago

I heard so much about Singularity that I might give it a shot.

Quagmire4313d ago

Better than COD, great developers who throw out graphics and story but focus on fun and gameplay, which is why Wolfenstein and Wolverine were so great.

Bigbangbing4313d ago (Edited 4313d ago )

No, I'm sorry but Muramasa wasn't great at all, yes it has an awesome art style, and a good gameplay, but was too repetitive for me to enjoy it.

And they should've listed 999 for the DS.. more people should play this gem.

redskinfan30004313d ago

Still want to get my hands on Sigularity. Always thought Muramasa was overlooked; it has great visuals, fast gameplay, nice difficulty, and great music.

nbnt, I got 999 also and although I haven't played it yet I'm really looking forward to it. My DS and I are busy with Radiant History which is freakishly LOOOOONG, but its a very well done for the most part (the sidequests can be a pain).

Also think No More Heroes 2 should've made the list. Good list anyway.

Venoxn4g4313d ago

muramasa is a very great game :) 9,8/10

SquareEnixFan4313d ago

I love Hotel Dusk. Most of these games are pretty good but Hotel Dusk is my favorite.

SeraphimBlade4313d ago

1. rented it, liked it
2. never heard of it
3. been meaning to play it. on my gamefly
4. rented it, frustrating but great story
5. might yet try it, I like Persona but other SMT games never really seemed like my style
6. Own it!
7. No iPhone for me
8. Own it! Play the hell out of it!
9. I own none of those systems
10. Bought it, but I recommend renting. not much replay value, but awesome, almost Hitchcock-like story

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