The Witcher 2 uses SecuROM, won't see region censorship and features sixteen endings

CD Projekt revealed that The Witcher 2 will utilize SecuROM copy-protection for its retail release, deciding it was the least intrusive way to protect its content from piracy. Though they are aware some gamers will groan at the decision to use SecuROM, CD Projekt noted that the game will allow for "unlimited installations on an unlimited number of computers" and allow "play on up to five computers at once." The game requires an internet connection for the game's initial activation. According to the presentation, this will ensure that The Witcher 2 cannot be played before the game's May 17 release.

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callahan092835d ago

If they're releasing it on GOG without any DRM at all (and they are), then why the hell are they adding DRM to any of their other versions? Just make it DRM-free across the board except for the simple DRM that the digital distributor incorporates at D2D and Steam, etc. No reason to add DRM to some versions when you've got a DRM-free version available. People will just pirate THAT version. Makes no sense. Anyway, anybody who wants this game needs to buy it from GOG. Cheapest price, most bonus content, and the only way to get it DRM-free. You'd be stupid to get it anywhere else.

evrfighter2835d ago


I really don't understand these drm decisions. Securom is always cracked within 24 hours. Who wins here? The developer? The publisher? The consumer?

The person or team that pitches sales for Securom should be considered among the greatest salesmen of our time.

Will gog really not have drm?

callahan092835d ago

In the top banner that fades into 4 different screens with captions, the 2nd one's caption says:

"DRM-Free Only on has never had DRM on any of our games, and The Witcher 2 is no different."

fluffydelusions2834d ago (Edited 2834d ago )

Any game that hits PC is basically cracked and can be found on a torrent sites quite quickly. The exception is usually the MP component where you have to play on cracked servers. Honestly never tried that so I'm not sure how popular or easy it is to find cracked servers.

starchild2834d ago

SecuRom doesn't do anything to stop pirates. It is just an annoyance for those of us that buy the games. I wish publishers would wake up and realize it does virtually nothing to prevent piracy and actually discourages people from buying their games.

Christopher2834d ago

***If they're releasing it on GOG without any DRM at all (and they are), then why the hell are they adding DRM to any of their other versions?***

Atari. Atari is the publisher for everywhere outside of Russia and the site. Atari required the DRM.

pr0digyZA2834d ago

I have to admit I have never had any problems with SecuRom. You only need to activate the product once, and it can install on five computers at the same time. They said in their conference that they can't stop piracy, but their goal was to let consumers play it before the pirates, that is why they left out 50mb of the game so that even if you get an early copy you won't be able to start it.

3styler2834d ago

They said that they were using Securom in order to prevent the Day 0
pirating/cracking. They don't really care if the game gets pirated afterwards, It's just that they dont want pirates to be the first to play the game.

pr0digyZA2834d ago

I'm sure they care about if their game gets pirated, I just think they know it's going to happen no matter what. So they are trying to support their fan base who actually gives a damn and buys it legit. Where I live they are selling the standard edition (3 discs) which has the extras of a special edition, is cheaper than most normal PC games, and the actual special edition is cheaper than a normal console game.Plus there is the GoG version which has a free older game with. That just shows how much they want their product to succeed, a person who pirates this (and does not buy later)is disgusting.

3styler2834d ago

yeah I didnt mean that they don't care if it gets pirated but it's much better for them to stop the early on piracy than just letting everyone and their mother play the game before it's even out.

But I agree with what you said pirating this game is totally dumb since there's a lot of value that comes with it if you were to buy it, stuff that a pirate will never be able to get.

Pandamobile2834d ago

Probably just a zero-day check like with every other game.

mobijoker2834d ago

Geralt is coming back...Can't wait?I have got 4 savegames to import.