From Oddworld To Ratchet: Michael Bross On Composing For One of PlayStation’s Greatest Series

Developed by Insomniac Games, Ratchet and Clank quickly became one of the PlayStation family’s most beloved series. With a score originally composed by David Bergeaud, the franchise’s music developed with each iteration, keeping to its roots, but changing as Boris Salchow took over from Bergeaud in 2009 for A Crack in Time. Upcoming co-op title, All 4 One, will once again see another musician take the reins of the series, with Oddworld composer Michael Bross set to bring his own talents to the title, while building on the work of his predecessors.

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Sev3111d ago

It's sad that music can be often overlooked. When I think to my most favorite movies -- Star Wars, The Godfather, etc -- it's the music that defines them. Games never get the same recognition.

joinsideke3111d ago

Well, take Final Fantasy. Uematsu put Game music on the map with all of his hard work.

BigWoopMagazine3111d ago

I remember the Oddworld music quite clearly... perhaps because I was playing it just the other day, but man I love those games, the music and sound effects are great.

I agree that's usually the case, and I think a lot of it is that I've rarely, if ever, based a purchase on the music - but art style, plot, and gameplay figure heavily. Of course, if there's no music or terrible music, I play it and go "WTF?!"

doctorstrange3110d ago

People seem to expect great music, and only really say anything if it is bad

user94220773110d ago

Love the Ratchet games; can't wait for All 4 One - especially since it's 4-player-co-op.

badz1493110d ago

and All4One seems like it tries to deliver something new never before seen in R&C games. I hope the new game mechanic and co-op will be well executed unlike the boring Marvel Super Hero Squad!

Relientk773110d ago

Both these series are great