Source: Take a look at Hulu Plus on Xbox and the new Kinect sub-Dash

Sure, Hulu Plus may not be part of the public beta preview of this spring's Xbox 360 Dashboard update -- at least that's what Microsoft's saying -- but that doesn't mean we can't see what it may look like when it does launch, as scheduled, sometime in the next few months. Images sent to us by a trusted tipster show the Hulu Plus app in action (and being controlled by Kinect), as well as the revamped Kinect Dashboard.

Like the Netflix app, the Hulu interface resembles the Xbox Dashboard itself, offering a rotating layer of categories with selectable content. As for the updated Kinect Hub, it looks fairly similar to what is currently available on the Xbox, only it adds access to both Netflix and Hulu Plus.

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Christopher2796d ago (Edited 2796d ago )

Not much to see, but looks to follow the same UI principle as it does on the PS3, but uses a horizontal main menu instead of a vertical one. Definitely would love to see how it moves between the horizontal and vertical navigation.

After today's Netflix news, I hope this one has a better integration of Kinect. Microsoft needs to get the kinks worked out so they can do simple integration with future applications.